SVG not showing

Good day folks,

I made up this SVG file. It shows fine in Inkscape, uploaded fine in the APP, and it shows the thumbnails on the left side. I do not see any of the lines on the bed.

I am trying to setup the file on my lunch break, so the machine is off. Will they only show if the machine is on?

Thanks (9.6 KB)

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I’ve actually had this happen to me this week a couple of times (while the machine was on). Specifically, I’d run a job, and then I would go to move it and then the image on the bed would disappear. I’d have to close the GFUI, reload it, reload the image and then it worked most of the time for me. Sometimes I’d have to close it a couple of times or refresh the page.

I couldn’t reliably recreate the issue so I never created a ticket for it.


I don’t have Inkscape - but using Illustrator, what I’m coming up with is that your original artboard is actually sized at .13"

See that little white square? That’s your artboard and all of the rest of the items are way off of it.

I resized the artboard for you. I notice that you have some very components in there that look like strays so you may want to double check the file (I didn’t remove that, not knowing what they were for).

The upload presentation filled in some of the pieces, but the file should be fine. Right-click and save as to save the SVG.



Your objects have very strange sizes and positions… but you can press cmd-a (or ctrl-a) and use the shift-arrow keys to bring them all into view.


Awesome, thanks @jbmanning5. I purposely had them all over with the intention of manually nesting them in the GFUI on several seperate veneer pieces.

In my experience the artboard size doesn’t matter. Its ignored when importing into the glowforge app.

It does assist with relative positioning of items though. If they are way off the artboard and the artboard is a odd size, some of the items can be lost in the grey outer bounding area.

the 12x20" does give you a frame of reference so you know where things are going to go. If it is 20 wide and 12 high, it will put the object exactly where you placed them in reference to the GFUI useable area in the frame.


To a degree. (oops, meant to reply to @markwarfel)

The problem is that you have a limited space that you can “see” in the UI. So it’s not so much a matter of what size the artboard is but where the items end up in the interface. I imported this file to the UI and I could zoom out to 67% (the furthest allowed) and see a couple of the components way up on the upper left. Control/Command-A and I could drag them back into the workspace.

In the default view - if your items are all off of the artboard, you’re not going to see anything.

If you zoom out, you can see them stacked up outside of the work area on the upper left. This is where you can do control/command-A and bring them all into the workspace.


BUT…we can only zoom out to 67%, and if that’s not far enough, you still won’t see them. (AMHIK) :smile:


I have sometimes had trouble with seeing my design on the UI. Try choosing a pg material. I think that will make the image a color that you can see.

After looking at your file I can see that they are not ever your crumb tray… Maybe not putting them so far apart will help.


Ahh I see! I guess I’ve never spread things out that far. Initially I had thought it had to be within the artboard to import but when I forgot to resize once I found out it didn’t matter.

@marmak3261 That will be helpful with repeat cuts or breaking out steps in jobs.


Thanks for the answers @jbmanning5 and @marmak3261! I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!