SVG questions

In the Tested video, the individual parts of the votive candle holder were moved around. Does that mean that each path of the svg will be possible to drag around, or was each part an individual svg?

Also, if i specify an svg with a 10x10mm viewport, will that translate to a cutter 10x10mm area?

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+1 Good question – want to know the answer to this one as well. My guess is the parts were individual SVGs given my experience using SVGs and CAD, but I could be wrong.

In the Brad Feld video just before 6:00 he positions his coaster, which the GF identifies as 2 pieces (the engrave and the cut). But both of those defined pieces move at the same time when he grabs and drags it.

So I am inclined to believe that the candle holder was multiple SVGs. The only other alternative is that by default all of the “parts” that the GF broke the coaster into were selected together, and if he wanted to Brad could have selected only the outline or only the engrave to move them individually. This is less likely since the highlight of those two options never changed while he was examining the cut/engrave settings of each individually.

I would have thought (or atleast if I was making the software) it would work as intend for both situations you mentioned. *for each part of the svg if there is transparent area around a cut line then count that as a seperate piece that can be moved if not count it as the same part of all the other paths outside of it until it finds a cut line with transparency outside. That way both examples work nicely, can move pieces of candle holder but move whole coaster as one.

Wouldn’t aloe you to move around just engraved areas if your design has no cut lines or no closed path cut lines.

I kind of disagree because this could become a disaster. Sure for things like that coaster it would be easy to move both pieces around but I have cut things with hundreds if not thousands of lines. I can only imagine what it would look like if I moved just one (and how much processing power that would take) not to mention what the “layer pallet” (show in the bar on the left in the video) would look like.

I think its actually kind of simple to do multiple SVGs. In illustrator you can create multiple artboards then when you save as an SVG it will create an individual file for each artboard. I would keep a master AI file then so everything is in one place then save a copy to SVG to have all your parts. This also works as PDF’s but you need to check the box that says to create the files based on artboards.

For the 10x10mm question, I believe you just size it live in the cloud software like in one of the videos.
Just from what I have seen anyway.

Actually @dean wrote a bunch of smart code that auto-groups based in intelligent heuristics so that things that overlap or are inside of other things drag together, and separate things drag separately. He tells me it was a giant pain and there’s lots more bugs to work out, but I’d say it gets it right 90% of the time already.

Later to come are manual ungroup/regroup.


Hopefully not too much later.

One use case I see for the laser, is to engrave on something which is already cut to exactly the shape I want it. That would mean there is no “thing around my things” to tell the program that all my letters, pictures, or whatever I am engraving, should move as a single unit when I try to align onto the object I am engraving.

EDIT: I suppose in such a case I could put a silly box around everything and run it as a max speed minimum power cut… Workaround, but passable.

It might be useful to be able to mark lines/objects as “do not cut”.
That way we can make visible registration cues that won’t actually fire the laser.

This would be incredibly helpful for me; I have plans for things which will want to be exactly aligned within the edges of pre-cut objects (squares/rectangles). Guide lines would make that much easier.

Great news - that feature’s there already. : )


I think you are amazing Dan!
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