SVG Scaling PRoblem - @ 75% when creating new project in GF UI

Hi all,

Looking for a little help. Of late, created files in AI as usual and saved as an SVG. However, upon uploading project to GF the dimensions are reduced by 25% . Checked SVG files in AI and they are sized correctly. Reduced artboard to letter size and created a 1" x 1" test box. SVG. Uploaded to GF and item is sized at .75" x .75". Old projects from a month ago stored in GFUI when opened are still at correct scale. This is only affecting anything new created in AI.


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Uncheck responsive.


Wow! That was easy. I must have inadvertently checked “responsive” at some point. Thanks ‘dklgood’!


While you’re in there, you might want to set the image location to “embed”, and bump up decimal places to 5, just to prevent future headaches.


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