SVG's Resizing when imported into Glowforge App?

So I am creating something that needs to be roughly 7.6". On illustrator it looks like 7.6", however when bringing into the laser it seems to be cutting smaller than it is. I have been double checking my file.

I have tried to “Save As” and use “export” in illustrator, tried bumping the decimal from 2 to 3. I feel like I am crazy, but im almost certain its happening when I bring it into the Glowforge App.

This is a massive problem for me, I was working on a big project at my new job and this is supposed to my big standout project. Would love some help…

EDIT: I sized the example SVG file as well as the “template” file, the sizes match and are exactly correct. Just not in the glowforge app…

EDIT2: Clearing Cache / Updating browser did nothing.

EDIT3: Solved by resaving…pretty sure I did that before but…ok!

Illustrator Reference:

Glowforge Reference: (SVG is around 6 inches)

Save As Illustrator Options:

If you want to share a part of the design, someone could look at it and see if the problem is the file. That’s most likely the issue, the software doesn’t randomly resize files. How tall does the UI say it is when you click on the ruler?

Note that Made on a Glowforge is the forum section for showcasing your finished work. Community Support would be a more appropriate location for questions like this.

Edit: If I draw your shape at 7.6" high, it comes into the UI as exactly that:


Moved to the Support area since this isn’t showcasing something made on a Glowforge.


Make sure you are saving at the 96dpi the GF expects. Or skip trying to figure out how to match dpi and just save as PDF instead. PDF works fine on the GF and has the advantage that sizing is saved in the file, unlike with the SVG format. :slight_smile:


Are you exporting your files at 96DPI?

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