Sweet Leather Batman!

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I don’t want to distract from the conversation so I’ll start my own thread. I saw this photo on @emilycarolinemiller1’s website https://arkansasbespokeleather.squarespace.com/

This looks amazing! How is this magic done!?


No clue…I thought the same thing. It is gorgeous and mysterious.


The color of the leather is beautiful. The design really pops.:grinning:


I’ll wager she masked it with a vinyl cutout of some sort and dyed it. (But she can probably tell us when she comes up for air. ROFL!) It is a beautiful result. :grinning:


i agree that the effect is striking. it looks like the dark areas were colored, then a stencil removed.


I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you :wink:


If I had to guess - I think the image is a vinyl and then the leather is stained? After it’s dry - you lift/remove the vinyl.


Please kill me now lol


I think it’s witchcraft!


It is a resist applied before the dye. I cut it with a sillhouette. It took SO MUCH experimentation before I really figured out how to do it without bleeding and with the application of pigment inks under it. I use a pigment ink transfer which leaves behind a glue residue which resists the dye. The problem with it is that the stronger the glue residue is, the more discolored the original leather (veg tan). And the less strong the glue residue is, the more bleed through there is of the dye. And it’s difficult to clean off the glue residue afterwards. I’ve even used contact cement and painted it on, dyed it, and then removed the contact cement. One thing that makes it a little easier is to dip dye it rather than applying the dye with a brush or sponge. I’ve been thinking of making a how to video using some of the different methods, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I guess I need one of those “to it” tokens. :slight_smile:

If you visit the website and hover on the photos, there are descriptions of the techniques used. I realize now that it’s not functional on mobile devices.


Awesome work.

Thanks for the info!

I think from looking at it that she may have etched it. I could be wrong though.

what she did is two posts above yours.


Such a lovey technique Emily, it sounds like type of leather batik. (I make traditional batik.) If ever you get around to the video, please let me know!