Swiss Army knife engrave 2020

Thought I would share what worked for me for engraving Swiss Army knives.
I ended up engraving with 1000/100 with auto focus.
My initial attempt at engraving a Glowforge design with 1000/full power seemed too deep so I switched to the 1000/100 and it worked well. I intend to paint the engrave on the blue knife with white paint like the pink knife.
I followed someone else’s post about Swiss Army knives and made a cardboard jig for it. I did use some masking tape on the blue to help the camera focus as it was so much darker.


I wonder what type of material it is and if it is laser safe.


Awesome, I need to do this one day!


I was just going to suggest looking back at that post. I did not notice any smell after engraving.

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