Switzerland Materials - Where do you buy them?

So it has been a few years since the Glowforge was released and quite a few people in Switzerland have one. I moved from the US back home to Switzerland with my GF and am having trouble sourcing material. The Proofgrade stuff is amazing, never chars, beautiful golden edges etc. I bought Plywood from Bau and Hobby and from the side on it looks like two piece of wood with a dark centre. I have found it impossible to get right.

For the 4mm, it chars every single time, sometimes it doesnt even cut or some parts of the wood cut and others don’t. It doesn’t matter if I use 150/1000, 160/1000, it is always black.

@ade I see you had a topic a while ago, also mentioned Graviermaterial24… where are you buying from these days?

Thank you!

It sounds like you’ve searched the forum, but if you haven’t done a lot of searching here it can be a little tricky to get the results you want. By using the in:first and order:latest flags you might find a bit more info

Try this:


It’s also worth searching for “europe” and “european” the same ways, there have been many discussions about eu suppliers. Good luck!

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