Sword art online: ordinal scale


So, one of my favorite shows//games//book series just put out a movie, and it is actually coming to the states… But for just one day.

I wish I had some time with a laser the last couple months to make a cosplay set to wear, seems like the thing to do for such an event. Either way, I’m looking forward to it.

Anyone else going to see it?


I won’t be in the US that day… sad, so sad :pensive:


Gonna try! Hopefully its no Attack on Titan =P


Love that show, sadly I wont be able to see it… I’m hoping Crunchy Roll plays it later.


Saw the trailer for that last night when we went to see Logan…not sure if my step-son is interested or not.


Loved the original series, but couldn’t get into SAO II. Definitely looking into this!

Thanks for sharing.


I won’t be seeing it, as I don’t have time , also didn’t know it was happening. It was an awesome series.

Is the movie a continuation or a cut down version of the TV show?


By Sao 2, do you mean the elfenheim online or the gungale online arc?


There are several books that each outline a separate story arc. The movie is a separate story arc than the others, that chronologically takes place after the anime series leaves off.


“Sword Art Online II” on Netflix

This one, set in Gun Gale / Dale ?

I never read the books, just saw the first series on Netflix.


I’ll be in Florida for work… might have to check it out.


Ahhkay. The 2nd season starts out with the gun gale online arc, then goes onto the Yuki arc, in new Aincrad. New Aircraft is the original world from the first season, but with the safeties on and the logout button is safely there.


I’ve heard a couple times from different people, that they couldn’t get into the second season and gun gale. Why not? Was it horrible English dubbing? The change in suspense?


I’m just afraid I won’t have time to finish the 1st series before netflix pulls it… pretty sure the licensing deal on that one ends here shortly.
Ug, yup, on the 15th.
Ooh! It’s on Hulu! Sweet.

(star wars: clone wars is leaving netflix tomorrow… I’m nowhere near finished with that :cry:
Also pretty bummed about Hulu losing almost all of the Comedy Central programming.)


I started getting a bit tired of it when it got to be more about his whiny harem of pseudo-girlfriends than about the plot. Was it his sister or cousin that also had a crush on him that they spent way too much time talking about? Ha. I watched all of it, but I enjoyed the first half of the first season the most.


That’s why I prefer to see all kind of movies in the original language with subtitles :slight_smile:

I might not understand the language but the voice you hear is showing how the feelings where supposed to be shown. :wink:


It’s all about the quality of the voice acting. Some dubs are horrific, and really take away from the overall quality. Others are good enough to go unnoticed, as long as you aren’t expecting the original.
The dubbed Cowboy Bebop is great. Trigun didn’t bother me, not did the adult swim release of Samurai Champloo… which was remixed or something. Can’t watch the dvd release now, because I loved that remix action.
I liked the Ghost In The Shell dub for the series, not so much for the movie.
My girlfriend has trouble with reading subs without her glasses (which she hates wearing, even though she looks cute in 'em) so if I can convince her watch any anime at all, it has to be dubbed.


Another problem with dubbing is that in “adapting” it for stateside release, certain edgy concepts get overwritten and drastic liberties get taken with the script. This causes plot holes and other confusions, and in some cases, scenes and even entire episodes are cut out. Easiest examples to cite off the top of my head are the original full metal alchemist series, during the arc where Ed and Al visit their master/teacher and explaining the basis of their powers, and episode 6 or 7 of death note where Yagami Light was suspected by the FBI guy’s fiance after killing him.


They are bro and sis by adoption, but he thinks she doesn’t know. So it’s technically alright? But dude only goes romantic with Asuna, that’s the only one he loves like that. He can’t help it if he’s a cool bad ass that gets the girls to crush on him. And his sis didn’t even know it was him until things were late in that game. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m in the same boat with Clone Wars. I am in the middle of season 3. Ah well… I have other ways of watching it.