Symbols in GF interface

you guys kill me. learned a new word today - now to use it in a sentence on some unsuspecting person!


Lol, I can’t even pronounce it let alone use it in a sentence.

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ROTFLMAO!!! All I did was ask a simple question about those symbols.

I did!!! In May, we will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. Eric is my everything and I can not breathe without him. He is kind, considerate, great looking and extremely intelligent.

Last September, I purchased the GF Pro. When I told him about the GF his only comment was ”Where is this thing going to reside?”

He never said anything about the price.


Definitely a keeper!

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LOL I know right? This whole forum has me going down rabbit holes I would never have considered otherwise. Some brilliant people here. You certainly don’t want to log on if you have someplace to be haha.


no kidding. so basically at the super bowl party you can lay that one on out. :slight_smile:


Good Morning!!! I clicked on your profile and visited your awesome website.

You and I have a few things in common. (1.) I absolutely adore, love and am very obsessed with dollhouse miniatures. (2) I wanted to go to Cornell but did not get in. (3) Watercolor painting is one of my hobbies. (4) I had a Fluff in my life. His name was Baby. (5) I am also in a wheelchair.

I purchased your interactive book – Fluff’s Space Adventure. It is a sweet read. I have a service dog and he knows how to use the iPad. Jimmy Wayne Westie uses his nose to navigate my iPad. He goes by all three names. He is my profile picture. Jimmy Wayne Westie also loved your book. He was barking with the spaceship sounds.

I have an idea for a future book about Fluff. He enjoys tea at Harrods and his tea companion could be a Westie.

Thank you for replying to my post. One more thing your dollhouse miniatures are beyond precious!!!

Here is a picture of Baby.


You ought to see her miniature Glowforge…one of my favorite shares here:



Hey @JimmyWayneWestie’s mom! Thanks for checking out my website and downloading one of my books! (I hope it still works - that was like 8 yrs ago). Fluff would like the idea about going back to Harrods to visit, although he definitely does not like tea. Haha, I didn’t get into Cornell the normal way either, but have 25 yrs under my belt as staff. That was long enough… Enjoy your Glowforge!


Thank you so very much for the link!!! I will definitely make it.

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Baby was a handsome fellow.

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Thank you kindly. Baby was my first love. It has been 25 years since his passing and I still occasionally cry. He was a rescued shelter dog. He was taken away from scum of the earth white trash who abused him and burned him with an iron. I was 19 years old when I got him and Baby was almost 5. For 7 years and 5 months, me and my entire family spoiled him daily and the love we had for him was immeasurable. He was not a pet. Baby was a cherished family member.


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