Table and Window Venting

I am just getting started and setting up for the GF to arrive and I found something that I couldn’t find in any of the MANY videos I watched. I went down to Lowe’s and found a Toilet Flange that would work perfectly for venting out a window. It is only $7 and can be found here if you need to see what it looks like before you go:

I also picked up a smaller work bench from Sam’s club (only available online the 72 inch is in stores). which I mounted an 8" inline fan on the bottom.

So far here is my set up:


Looks great! If you could use tape or something to tie up your hose so it doesn’t have that U in it, that’ll definitely help with your exhausting. Unless you’re planning on raising the table top a bit in which case nevermind! :slight_smile:

There is some risk that a 4" water flange won’t fit a 4" exhaust port (insert rant about industry specific sizing here) but luckily the hose ends are more flexible so yay!

The U is bad just because I don’t have it attached to the window. The inline fan is almost level with the window so it should be almost straight when it is all ready to go.

So far the hose fit the flange and I purchased a port extender for the GF.

Only a couple(ish) more weeks until I put it all to the test.


One thing about a toilet flange vs a dryer flange is that the dryer flange has either louvers or a covering that lets air only go one way, so that wind heading into the house is stopped but exhaust going out is not. This can be important if what is heading in is very cold, hot, or very humid, There are lots of sliders and ways to close things by hand, but in this case I think automatic works best.


It is an extremely bad idea to leave your GF vent connected to the outside air, louvers or not. Only leave the GF plumbed to the outside when you’re using it. You do not want outside air flowing through the GF all the time. There have been a number of cases where uses made this mistake and it ruined their machine (due to humidity and condensing moisture causing corrosion).


A billion years ago, I was in the HVAC industry, and solved THIS specific problem with one of THESE - its installed in my outside vent, and works perfectly!



Mine’s been permanently connected for coming on 4 years…it depends on where you are.

That being said some sort of blast gate is definitely a good idea. I found the louvers to be more effort than they were worth, but this design is ab fab :slight_smile:

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Ditto. I do have a blast gate in line as well although I’m not diligent in using it. We get extremes of weather here (CT) but I guess not for so long that it would impact the GF.

Good thoughts.

I will most likely only keep it in the window when it is in use, but with what you mentioned I may keep the inline fan on low when in between cuts.


That works.

I needed something for my GF too. This has worked very well. The larger drawers hold 12 x 20 materials, and the smaller ones are great for scraps. I put organizers in the top drawer so I can sort small pieces into it and they don’t fall on the floor. I got it at Harbor Freight.


I did some research they are available at harbor freight click Here

there are always sales and discounts at Harbor Freight, so you may be better off ‘stalking’ it waiting on a deal…

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Highly recommend the ITC Membership if you’re looking at some larger purchases. I got my fee for 2 years in savings in two purchase.

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just an FYI - Home depot has similar cabinets (with butcher block tops) in the same price range


I was debating one with drawers but the one I got was $140. I will probably build an angled organization shelfing but not sure yet.

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I did the same thing and used an old ikea table top ripped down for the top that just fits my GF on a craftsman tool chest. 2 things I’m not thrilled about; it’s a little higher than I like and when doing an operation that has the head really moving it can really rock the whole thing. I’ve thought oh putting it on smaller wheel but that means emptying it and taking off the machine and I’m too lazy. When/if lumber prices drop, I may make something custom.

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