Table for Glowforge.. Help!

I just ordered my Glowforge Pro today and am now tackling finding a workbench for it. I found this one at Menards and its a good price. If I assembled it without the back on the top would this be a good option?


Boy are you in the right place!

Turns out this has been discussed a bunch, people love to talk about their setups:

Popular options include rolling toolchests from bigbox stores and IKEAhacks, among others. It’s all here, just dig in!


As for your table you’re considering:

I think it may be a bit skinny. It could work, but the glowforge is 20.75" deep, and the exhaust comes out the back, so a minimum depth of about 24-25" is needed. You’re right up on that limit, at 24-1/2". I would personally like a little bit of wiggle room on that, you know? 26"+ would be what I’d be looking for.


+1 to too skinny, particularly with that backing board.

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Thank you for answering! I didn’t factor in the 26" room. Do you have any recommendations?

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Yeah, my recommendation is to go through that search I suggested, there are tons of people talking in depth about their builds, all the info you could need. :slight_smile:

I’m not much help, I have a custom setup that wasn’t purpose built for the Glowforge.

But don’t worry, someone is bound to show up and talk about their table, people love talking about their rigs… same with storage which may be an even bigger deal than the table:

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And oh hey, since you’re new, you will probably get a lot out of this:

Welcome, we love new users and all their new ideas!


I got this one…

and an adjustable height 4 wheeled table from them to function as the infeed for the passthrough. However those goobers at Home Depot showed up with an adjustable model with a couple of drawers. GRRR


From the photo it looks like it looks rather flimsy, like it would jiggle even if you bolted everything together very tight.

As for the skinny, personally I don’t think you need to account for the exhaust. As long as the feet/skids on the bottom of the GF are nice and flat on the surface it should be fine. The exhaust does come out the back several inches but that part doesn’t need to be on a table.

I have mine on a large Origami shelf with wheels and it’s a very tight fit but has been working great plus there’s lots of storage space. I have it on the second shelf down so the lid doesn’t completely open, but then that keeps me from overbending the dreaded black cable. Wheels make it easy to move away from the wall for using the passthrough.

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If you did go with this one, I would remove the backing, I’d instead cut a 4" hole in it so your exhaust would be behind the table - because having that pegboard to store tools is FTW!


someone suggested a rolling ‘toolbox’ with a wood top, that was wide enough for the glowforge, since you have a pro (and am I jealous!) you will need room to pass stuff thru, and you need to have some kind of venting that is movable and flexible and the aluminum vent that comes with your new GF (did I mention how jealous I am?) you need to look at A/C Venting (PVC) stuff and some kinda of collar that has more ‘grab’ at the GF itself.



NOT THIS exactly, but something LIKE this…

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Worm drive hose clamp - available at just about any hardware store in plumbing/venting section.


I bought this one for mine and it is PERFECT. VERY sturdy, and easy to put together.
It holds a 1000 pounds.
$138 on Amazon, and worth every penny, in my opinion.

Table & Workbench: 1" Thick Particle Board Top, Height Adjustable Bench - 24" D x 48" L x 30" - 36" H - By BenchPro - -

Here is mine setting on it. I am still setting up my new little shop, so pardon the mess.


the person bought a pro, with a passthru - that table is awesome, but I think it needs to be on rollers.

Yeah, I agree, The bottom of the legs have threads for the little floor savers, so you can adjust them to level it out, but I am not sure if there are rollers that could screw into them instead.
Oh well…

I have a pro that sits on a shelf with no legs. However, it sits on those “furniture pads” designed to be moved without much resistance, so it is stable equivalent to having locked wheels. Presently it sits 24" from the wall which is as much as I have found the need and use 48" material frequently.


with a Pro, if you move the GF a lot is there any worry about it going out of alignment?



When I moved from the other house I had many of these plastic shelves and some were set up with 5 shelves and a couple with only the bottom two shelves and some with 4 legs and a shelf. I made one with the bottom two shelves and the bits that strengthen it and get the very bottom shelf off the floor. That makes it a perfect height for a person in a powerchair and the powerchair also has the advantage of being able to provide very strong very controlled power to move heavy stuff without jerking. In addition, I have not had occasion to move it again after moving it out from the wall, where it fixed it to the largest material that I currently use. I keep the Glowforge on the second shelf and much of the wood in sealed storage bins each 3" high as I went a bit overboard with mixed wood bundles that are all 12"x 3 " x variable thickness from 1/8 to 1/2" the other larger pieces are in those large rolling for “under bed” storage that live under a nearby work table.

Anyway, after the first time I was able to calibrate, that was not so long ago that was introduced I have only had to calibrate once since. And when you are cutting a 3" part from 3" wood accuracy gets pretty important! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have a habitat for humanity ReStore near you, check it out. I’ve seen countless tables tha would work well or be the start of the base for a table. And usually pretty inexpensive.


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