Taiwanese DC-6040-N Laser

This is from a automation trade show in Taiwan, Kaohsiung city 4/22 I had a chance to play with this in person.
They have English speakers on hand who were very helpful.
All the software can be in English as well.
It works on so far all the same materials as GF does the job in about 1/4 of the time. You can use normal formats such as AI JPG and so on.
I do not know full info on it yet I will be meeting more with them today. It is far more powerful offered in 80 and 100 watt.
Cons it is the size of a large copy machine not a desk top, also about 1000 more. Pro it can do the job in a fraction of the time GF can and is about the same amount as a GF.
If anyone has questions I am going to be back speaking with them in about 4 hours please ask here and I will ask for you.

They have larger units as well and this was the small unit I linked to.

Is it UL or CE approved?
How much for shipping to the US and Canada?

Good questions to ask.

Tom, how is this differentiated from any other “Chinese” laser on the market - E.g. a redsail, K40, the multitude on EBay?

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Good question. I am not 100% sure of this unit yet as I said I just spent some time on it yesterday with my guys at the trade show.
I can say very solid machine and performance was amazing. This is not made in China this unit is made in Taiwan that has a higher quality in manufacturing.
Also the software seems to be pretty simple to use. I made a couple items while we were standing there.
I do not have enough information or time on this to really say much yet.
This is being considered as of right now to replace our order of the GF.
Again I will update with more info and or video link of this machine for you all ASAP.

Not really sure why you would promote another laser cutter on the glowforge forums. Seems rude to me

Rude? I am not trying to promote anyone trying to offer people another choice “If this is even good enough” but at this point in production and working is already better than GF. Some of us can not wait and need to find an alternative.
I think this place is for all of us who have paid to help each other and this is just that.

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Maybe I took it wrong, I apologize


Thank you Elsman18 appreciate that.

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What is the maintenance like on the machine? How is alignment handled? When you say the they are the same amount, do you mean compared to the basic or pro?

Sorry Joe to the pro. and those I will ask all details today and try to reply to you with those I do not know for sure and all the detail information is in Chinese so I need to get the English.

Thanks for the link. :thumbsup:

A friend of mine sells these kits – they’re a BIT higher in price, though. And definitely for DIYers!



What a cool opportunity to look at some technology. We have been very discrete in the forum in talking about other lasers, except no holds barred in “Chinese Ebay lasers”. Some comparisons and contrasts would be healthy for the community to learn about what is out there. Right now I have this impression that there are three types of lasers. Cheap, difficult to use Chinese lasers, the Glowforge, and very expensive lasers that are priced beyond most hobbyists’ budgets. I am sure there are many more distinctions to be made.


The ones I’m on the lookout to avoid are “the ones that will electrocute / kill / start a fire” :smiley: If you read the Facebook laser groups, you’ll see all sorts of end results.


Ive noticed the big difference between the GF and many of the less expensive china lasers is that the GF has the cooler, honeycomb table and air assist built in and an integrated filter for only $500 extra. I cant read mandarin so I cant tell if this system has any of that…if not, that will cost extra and not compete pricewise as an equal alternative.
I would advise anyone to take all the extras equipment needed into concideration when pricing other lasers.
The price of the GF and its extras is not likely to be beat anytime soon.
However I totally understand the need for a system now if that is your need now and you cant wait until later…
I spent 15k on my last one…the glowforge will outdue it 10 fold​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::unamused:



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To me, there are some key differences between what the Glowforge promises and the usual machines we see on ebay such as:

  1. Software capabilities & user friendliness.
  2. Size - it’s more compact than most other 40w boxes out there.
  3. Aesthetics- it’s something we’ll easily display in our open office area instead of putting it in a dedicated space or hide.
  4. The community aspect which has the potential for huge synergy with respect to design ideas, experience with materials, issues with the machine etc. There are other laser cut communities but they cater for a huge array of differing specs of tubes & machines, making it hard get effective help fast.

This is a great list!

One thing I would like to expand on is point one, specifically user friendliness.

My brother and sister came to visit me the other day and were asking about the Glowforge. At one point in the conversation, my wife said “It’s the Tesla of laser cutters”. I corrected her and said “Actually, its more like the iPhone of laser cutters” (As a die hard Android fan, I died a little inside when I said that. :cry:)

There were other smart phones out when the the iPhone came out, but the biggest difference was that the iPhone was much more user friendly. It had all this new technology in it as well, but it would have never been as successful with out its ease of use.

I believe the Glowforge is doing the same thing. They are not recreating the wheel here. There are some new technology that they are adding, which is nice, but the fundamental technology in it is the same as other laser cutters. The biggest thing Glowforge is doing (IMHO) is making laser cutters more accessible to people who don’t have the know how or desire to fiddle with there machine to get it to work right.

That post ended up being longer than I intended.


I’m sure there are a few of us looking for solutions that will get us by until the GlowForge arrives. I’m looking for a $350-$1000 laser right now so I can get started, and I have just started looking.