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I’ve been wanting to do some more with leather and decided I’d make a nice pencil holder for the notebook I embellished. I started by taking a scrap of paper and folding it and stapling it together around some pencils to roughly estimate the design I was thinking of. Then I took the staples out of it and flattened it out again to measure the spacing between my “staple seams”. I cleaned it up a bit in Illustrator and ended up with this design that is basically a tri-fold of 4"x4" squares with the corner trimmed off of one (which lined up nicely with the remnant material I had).

it fit well enough when I placed it on the material I had and cut quickly and cleanly, though still has that burned leather smell that tends to linger for a bit. Maybe we should come up with some patented treatment for the protective paper that counters the smell of burning leather :slight_smile:

the little dashed lines I used to prepare for sewing worked great. You can see the light shining through them here.

After removing the paper it was time for some finger numbing stitching work.

I was pretty happy when I found the pencils fit right into the pockets and so did my eraser. I figure I can use the larger pocket for new erasers, then the smaller one as they reduce in size. Maybe a pencil sharpener in one of the pockets if I don’t use my mechanical pencils.

and here it is from the back…

I’d actually intended to fold it the other way around, but I’d gotten the sides mixed up and reversed it. It still works well, just aligned 90 degrees off of my intended design (I wanted the pencils vertical to fit the notebook better). Kind of hard to tell which side of the leather is smooth under the protective paper. I should note it next time :wink:

and inside the cover where it attaches to the corner.

I should probably etch something onto the front of it as well for some decoration, maybe to match the book if I give it as a gift. I’ll have to wait until my fingers recover form the stitching though before trying another :wink:


I love this approach to design! It’s how Tony and I made the shoulder bag on the front page of the Glowforge website.


I love the process that you share.
Fabulous to identify a specific need all your own and create a bespoke solution that’s functional and personal.
I am looking forward to getting my own


I really look forward to getting my hands on the GF and doing some leather projects. I’ve been putting off buying a new wallet, dealing with a very sad, falling apart one, just because I want that to be one of my first projects.


I desperately need a new wallet. Why didn’t I think of this before? Now I need to sit on a new purchase until GF comes.


I thought that to be pretty clever in using paper and stapling where you’d stitch. Quick, and simple proof-of-concept that took way less time than to model it all up or visually think about it in your head. The younger generation (okay, blanket statement, but from at least my experience) could use a few more examples of this…instead of going straight to CAD to see if something will work!

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That’s pretty nifty! I like the idea and appreciate your documented process.