Takin' it to the Streets. . . adding an external fan to the GF outside of the house

If you track my rantings, you know I recently have moved my ventilation (and fan) outside of my house to get back some quiet - here is how I made my inside fan an OUTSIDE FAN.

the first thing I did was put in a ‘drop’ (or a “T” ) to catch any rainwater / condensation, dirt, anything that would be bad for the Glowforge.

I pass the power and control cable thru a 1" hole, (that’s filled with removable plastic (in case…)

the encloser is to keep water / and vegas sun off fan, I used a storage container.

since I had the opportunity I put a roof cap on the top of my patio so the smoke is 'above ground and out of smell distance

4" vent pipe is pretty easy to work with

I decided I wanted to way to remove the fan completely to clean it, so I added a bottom stabilizer piece, and rubber gaskets so the fan locks into place with easily removable screws.

Finished product, I added a small piece of flex pipe, again for removal of fan

Here’s a look at the inside controller, this senses power and turns on fan automatically
i use it more to show me, unit is on and working, but of course at any time, I can manually override any setting


Thanks for sharing, this is great!

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Nice job!

Wow! that must be the fanciest one yet!

Wow that’s a lot of work!

Will the fan overheat being enclosed like that, especially in the heat of Summer?

I have a temp sensor in it, its in a covered patio, and it gets sun in the morning for 2 hrs

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oh… OK. You thought of everything!

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Beautiful installation and well thought out.

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Pretty amazing setup! That looks like a Pelican case—spare no expense.

LOL - NOPE - it’s from Home depot cost $8

I added in a Manometer ($13) into the mix to monitor negative air flow, so if anything gets clogged (and air flow drops) I have a way to detect it

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