Taking forever to focus after each print job!

Just bought a brand new Glowforge Pro which arrived a few days ago. After each print job (large or small, it takes 20 to 30 minutes for the focus to complete between jobs!!! This can’t be normal… Any help would be appreciated.

Refresh your browser. The machine normally focuses after a print . Sometimes if your machine or computer has gone to sleep then it takes a bit to update.

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“Focusing” involves two things: a little motor in the print head moving a platform the lens attaches to up and down through its full range of motion a few times, and some communication with Glowforge’s servers in the cloud. So that gives you two places to troubleshoot:

  1. Your wifi. If your machine is having trouble staying connected to the internet, you may see it get stuck in focusing or scanning between jobs, or even re-start the full startup calibration (focusing, centering, homing, scanning) after reconnecting to the servers. Restart your wifi router and consider repositioning it so the Glowforge can get a better signal.

  2. Remove the lens and look for any debris or damage in the print head. Unplug the print head and look for any debris or damage to the gold pins on the print head, or the cable itself.

Hope that helps.


Thank you guys for the responses. No problems with wifi, dirty lens, or cable. No change when I refresh my browser. Do you think calibrating the camera will do anything?

No, the lid camera is not involved in “focusing”, so that won’t help. That calibration process just changes some numbers used to de-warp the fisheye effect in photos taken by the lid camera. It can’t fix any problems you’re having with the machine.

Not to be an a$$, but did you try to troubleshoot the two things I suggested? Just because your phone or computer has a good wifi signal in the same room doesn’t mean the Glowforge does, and inspecting the lens bore/mechanism and cable connections isn’t the same as cleaning the lens. The lens itself is actually not involved in this either; the machine will focus and operate without one inserted.

If you did, emailing Glowforge is the next step. They can pull the logs from your machine to see if those reveal why it’s getting stuck focusing.


Try turning the machine off for a few seconds after a print completes, then running another job.

If all goes well, I’d bet it’s a wifi issue.

I’m running a job now after waiting more than 30 minutes and it DID go through the whole focus, centering, scanning process again. I’ll go try the router unplug after this job is done. Do I do it with the Glowforge on or off?

This means that the Glowforge is losing connection to your wireless network.


I would try changing the wifi channel. Most routers can scan to find the clearest one.

If a neighbor installed a new camera or other “smart” device, it could be interfering.

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Tried everything suggested from all responders with no luck… I have to turn off and restart the machine for 10 minutes after the last run or wait 30 plus minutes for the focus to proceed to the next phase in order to run the machine. I also have a Glowforge Plus (waiting on a lid cable for that one) with no wifi issues. I have a feeling I’m going to have to send the Pro back for a replacement unless support can take care of the problem on their end (software update?).

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