TARDIS key fob

Some things take me a while, but finally got the reverse image for this done w/ fill within score line to make this TARDIS stand out (no worries about copyright–BBC can’t copyright police box image).

I first thought I might have to dye/paint the etched area, but love how it’s turned out as-etched (and has been washed/scrubbed with toothbrush), and the translucency of this acrylic was a nice suprise when I removed the masking. I then flipped over and the first 2 I only did my logo, but the second set I did I didn’t move the artwork or acrylic panel, so just ignored all but the score line and added the logo, so the alignment was still good.

I got this thick acrylic at a local store, so not sure how it compares to the PG version, but I’ve ordered some medium, with idea it will be thin enough to work on smaller versions–these are about 3.25" high.

And a tool that works great to remove small pieces of masking is wood clothes pin. The wood is firm enough to get the masking off, but soft enough it doesn’t scratch the acrylic and moves easily over etched to non-etched areas. But for these, the hot water I washed them in softened up the masking and so it was easy to remove w/ fingernails/fingers only. And most I rub with cloth with bit of alcohol or acetone to remove any residual adhesive–but after testing to make sure no ill effect to the acrylic…


Nice job! :grinning:

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Next is figuring out bitmap traces–using the GF is the easy part of this whole process! :wink:

While that particular image may not be copyrighted any images produced by the BBC itself certainly are. Also, note that the BBC does own a trademark covering depictions of police boxes, so I would suggest against attempting to sell any articles adorned with its image.

Amusing news article from 2002 about the Metropolitan Police’s failed attempt at wresting the trademark away from the BBC: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2002/oct/23/bbc.broadcasting1


But also reading thru the trademark, it does not address key chains (not in class 9, 16, 25 or 41).

Will be happy to comply with any cease & desist notice I receive, though…

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The acrylic gave it a really cool look.