Target for kids(?) to use with Nerfgun

I made this for my son to use with his Nerfgun. I used this with 1/4" maple plywood from Home Depot. My son painted it with acrylic markers (his choice of colors, haha).

Sharing in case anyone wants to use it! (It’s 5" btw)

I’m working on a few projects for my kids during our self-quarantine. (Although this isn’t really a big deal for us because we’ve been self-quarantining due to my daughter being in chemo for > 27 months, but with my son not being able to go to school, I need to find some new fun activities to keep him busy. lol)


Target Target.pdf (56.7 KB)


That’s pretty cool. I designed and cut some circles for my wife last week for sizing balloons. I am surprised I didn’t see the “target” in my design. Thanks for posting your design. You have inspired me to make my own target design.

Here is a pic of the balloon design that I was talking about. It’s just simple rings that are cut out of acrylic for balloon diameter sizing.


Cool :slight_smile: So how does she use it?

Great stuck indoors play idea for the kids! :slightly_smiling_face:


We are going to make some more creative shapes soon. I have a couple of ideas but need to test them out first! :slight_smile:

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She has a machine for blowing up balloons for arches and background settings. The rings give her the ability to over inflate the balloon and let the air out to match a perfect diameter for spiraled balloon arches and much more.


Wow, that’s cool!

Funny side note: my 4 year old is here looking with me and she said wow, good job! Lol


Cute! You might find some inspiration if you look up “swinging air gun targets” - you could make all kinds of fun nerfable targets on the GF, like his favorite villains!


Here is a link for a target and rubber band gun.


ooh he would love a swinging air gun target. lol I’ll have to check it out later. It’s harder during the week so I won’t show him until after I check it out. haha

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I purchased a rubber band gun design! I haven’t used it yet. Now I just realized I can’t remember if I already downloaded it or not. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
I was going to make it but I’ve held off because my son gets kind of wild and sometimes my daughter is an accidental victim and a rubber band - ouch. lol But I better figure out where I got the file and download it if I can’t find it in my downloads. lol

Nice that you let him color it. Good job keeping him occupied!


He isn’t a fan of art class at school. Maybe I can find a way to help make it more fun for him while we do remote learning. We’ll see. He’s a tough one (twice exceptional is challenging lol).

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