Tax and referals

Hi everyone quick question that I think only @dan or someone else at GF can answer:

If a customer has 1 or more referals, when the units ship what will be the price shown on the “shipping manifest”. By that I mean when it comes into our country’s customs and they calculate the VAT/import taxes will it be based on the price we paid for the unit when we ordered or when the unit shipped(minus the referrals)?

This could make a big difference to our tax costs, I understand you are not handling any of the declaring VAT etc. for our countries but I would expect you probably are declaring what the product is and it’s value for shipping(insurance/safety) and so that it can get through customs from a security point of view, it is a laser after all!(I know you are trying to get it CE certified)

Here’s hoping for the cheaper option!

I think it would be safe to assume it would list the full price of the machine since referral credits don’t really kick in until the referred person’s machine ships - which could be same day, next day or even months later if you were pre-order and they aren’t.

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oh i thought it was when YOUR machine ships. I must have read incorrectly. hmm… too bad we cant get more than $1k. I would almost be getting my pro for free

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Good point, I didn’t think of other people’s shipping at different times :frowning:

Whaaaat! Obviously I don’t know enough makers with aby kind of scratch. Or I don’t know enough people in general maybe. Lol

Im not sure if anyone I knew used my code, but I ran a small marketing campaign to make sure I got enough referrals, and it ended up netting quite a few more than I expected. I have a bit of experience doing internet marketing/advertising so that obviously helped here. The really big day for referrals was the 23rd of October, when everyone was making last minute decisions. Thats when I got the majority of mine.

Another thing I have to learn about. Internet marketing. Ugh. So many things to learn.

This isn’t true. Your referral credit comes when YOUR GF ships. At least that was how it was explained to me in emails with GF.

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I hope so, it would be a lot easier on the glowforge payment system to do those in one big chunk instead of all individually…

This is Dan’s post in an October thread.

I guess that COULD be read both ways. But from his “because the people you referred can request refunds up until then” line, that says to me that you’d have to wait for any late referrals.