Tea or jam box

PG draft board, pressure fit 6-pack for half- or quarter-pint jams or sorting tea flavors.

wishing you all a delicious December.


Thanks for this useful file. Nice to know you are still forging.


I was telling my daughter last week I was going to make her a tea box. She is the only one that has picked up the habit of tea. Tired of all the little packets everywhere.


A perfect share for the season. It’s cold in the west, the flu is making its way across the globe, people are in need of tea and honey and containers for such things.


Great design. For a box of tea my favorite design has been this house. So much so that I want to make something similar for the lens wipes.

image https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1615933


Thanks for sharing.

Handy, thanks!

This is a great box! I’ve made a bunch since they are the perfect size for some items I’ve made for a craft show.
I also came across a post with the link to an Inkscape plug-in to make boxes (Box design generator?) but the written instructions for how to use it don’t appear to match up with the option in the program, plus I didn’t understand most of the terminology used.
Simeon, any chance you could replicate the measurements of your box to the options in the plug-in? If so, would you mind sharing so I could see how to customize it to other size boxes I want to make. Thank you.


Hi, I like your tea box and thank you for sharing. Would you mind telling me how to download the file please, I couldn’t see it. Thank you again!


In case the original poster doesn’t see this message, I will jump in. Right click the line drawing in the original post and choose “save as” an svg to your computer.

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Wow that plugin is … special. The missus here: I made the compartments 70mm square and did a 2 columns/3 rows layout in software Simeon wrote for our home use. I’m sorry I’m not more help. That kind of interface and my end user skill level are why he wrote his own software, out of marital self-defense! (“Oh, hon, can you …?”)


No worries, I did a little more research and found a very simple, straight forward web-based box generator (MakerCase.com) that I can use for now. Another one (Boxes.py) also has boxes with dividers but I’m a “visual learner” so tomorrow I’ll look for some YouTube videos that can explain the more complex ones. :grinning


Sorry, it’s not working. Everytime i click the save as, my only option is jpeg. When I save as jpeg the picture of the box is included. Maybe I am doing it wrong. :frowning:

I am very new to glowforge. It just came yesterday and I am still learning and practicing.

Would you mind sending to my email address please, if you don’t mind.

Thanks a million!

Are you using Microsoft Edge for your browser? If so, try a different one like Chrome.

BTW, there are bots that routinely comb this forem scanning and taking all sorts of interesting information. You might wanna edit your posting to NOT include your email as you are opening yourself to all sorts of spam.

I personally have had images and information that I only posted here end up on Pinterest, and no I don’t have a pinterest account. saw the image via a google search and said to myself “Hey that’s my :glowforge: tile”

Have you tried just dragging and dropping it to your desktop or an open folder? Could just be your browser doesn’t recognize the file format properly and is just guessing at it.

Also: this. :arrow_down: Edge just isn’t very good. Chrome seems to have the least amount of compatibility issues with GF’s software and in this case file recognition.

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Oh, I must me using microsoft edge alright… everyday is a learning process. Thank you again!

Dragging and dropping it to my desktop is what worked for me! Thanks!


Thank you so much for sharing. My daughter and I just got the pro and we also love tea!

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