Teacher Name Plate

Material: 1/8" :proofgrade: Maple Plywood
Size: 6" x 3.30"
Cut Time: 44 minutes


My mother-in-law was visiting us this weekend to attend my kids summer dance recital. I hit the jackpot and got one that I adore, so I wanted to something for her while she was here.

She is a second grade teacher, so I thought I’d make her a name plate for her desk at school. The mascot at her school is a Wildcat and there’s a pawprint that is often also included with the mascot, so I whipped up the design below. Each pawprint is a vector and I split them up across three different color[s so that I could have a mix of darkness across them.

I didn’t get a final picture of it – the one below wasn’t as fully weeded as I thought when I took the picture, but all in all I’m happy with the result.

Not pictured is a simple triangle to be glued on the back as a stand.

Lessons Learned:

  1. I put a score around every engraved vector. In retrospect I wish I had only done that for the paw prints. It made some of the other engraves look muddier when there wasn’t much whitespace.
  2. I got some black dots on the backside where there where the score overlapped a section that already had a dark engrave and burned through. It’s not too bad and it’s the back so I wasn’t too bothered.
  3. I wish I had done more cleanup on the large Wildcat logo/paw. I vectorized it from a bitmap and split the text out. I wish I had edited the vector to provide more of a border between it and the paw to make the dark engraving of the Wildcat text stand out more. This is one area in particular where the score really hurt it too – it ate into the little bit of border that was already there and reduced the contrast.

Nice job with the sign, and hopefully will inspire maker questions from her students!

That’s a known problem even in the absence of overlapping engraves. you can end up with small black dots on most scoring (like the House Snark crest I made last night had black dots on the back). I haven’t tried backing down the scoring to a few percent less laserness on stuff yet.


Here is the back of that (Maple PG ply) before masking removed (looks the same just with maple with dots)

Maybe for 2nd graders we can put numbers and you can remake the stark logo with connect the dots?



Thanks for the tip. Good to know it’s not just me.

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What a lovely thing to do!

I’m curious… The colors… Did you Engrave By Color or Manual Engrave and assign settings to each color? In a flat picture it’s hard to tell, of course, but I’m guessing Engrave By Color?

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I actually did a manual engrave and assigned settings for each color. Mostly because the border was a vector at that point and I would have had to go back to a bitmap in order to do the engrave by color.

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