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Does anyone know why in the world they don’t have tech support on the phones?? These little machines are expensive and they just raised their prices… Customer Support should be #1 and it’s definitely last on their list.
I don’t understand how they can run a business like this. I guess because people like us don’t realize how much it’s needed until it’s too late.

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It’s always been that way, except for a brief period a few years ago but there were many reports of it taking days to get calls returned, and very often at odd hours due to them being primarily west-coast based. They also dropped participation here on the forum shortly after.

I am not defending them, just stating facts as I’ve seen them.


I just saw a huge company that stopped phone support this weekend and I swore I was going to remember it for the next time this comment came up. Of course, now I can’t remember which company LOL

Frontier Airlines, perhaps?


That sounds right!

Yeah, I will never do this again. I will never recommend glowforge to anyone nor will I ever buy something that doesn’t have phone support. I don’t know how they run a business like this but it’s not good.

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Sorry you feel this way. I’m on about year four and between the forum and email, I’ve been able to keep my glowforge running with little downtime.

Frontier is a lower-cost airline. There is a place for them amongst airlines. When you look at lasers, Glowforge is an entry level, user friendly laser. Many cost so, so much more. Apples to apples???

Maybe if you let us know what is going on, someone here might be able to help you. Of course, it may be something that only the company can do.


I’ve had mine for a year and one month and the power supply blew. They won’t do anything except offer me a refurbished. :rofl: So I wasted 5 grand on a machine that worked for a year. I’m pretty disappointed. Yes, other machines are more expensive, but they’re also a lot bigger. I still feel that buying an expensive piece of equipment like this warrants phone support. This is people’s livlihoods. Not all, I understand, but many. I’ve waited 4 days to hear back from an email when My machine was down. I would lose all .y clients if I ever did that. Lol

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A Glowforge isn’t a livelihood. It’s a luxury. Anyone who is using a laser cutter as a primary income needs to have backup plans for when it goes down.

The Glowforge is a hobby level device. While it is an excellently engineered and constructed hobby level device, it still isn’t a professional level device. It is on the user to ensure that if it is used to make money that there is a backup plan. It is not on Glowforge.

I worked phone support for a device like the Glowforge and I understand completely why they chose not to offer it.


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