I take exception to the “for your kid” part of the title. Make it for yourself :rofl:

Fabricate your own toothed gears

No kids here. I’m past that, but I definitely want one of these. Thanks for posting. Now I gotta check my email again…


Thanks for posting! Making a tellurion is one the things I want to do most with my Glowforge. Possibly a foolish question; has anyone found the 3D files? The author says “The 3D design for gears and 3D printed parts are available.” I can’t find anything other than a PDF (I don’t have a premium account. I would gladly pay for the plans for this tellurion, but I don’t want merely a “PDF to make it easy to print” the text of the instructable)



This looks like an awesome project! Added to Hopper.
My kids would love this!
That is if I let them play with it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: