Fabricate your own toothed gears



I was surfing through my blog feeds and came across this web-app which I thought was interesting, especially if you’re going to make your own Planetary Gear :link: or Tellurion :link: planetary simulator…

Background of the tool is here:

And / or you can try it for yourself here: https://scottswaaley.github.io/TimingPulleyGenerator/

Also, check out this interesting tool:


That is so cool. Yet another reason I am dying to receive my e-mail. There will be a lot of homemade gears in my future.


I have some clocks I want to do. Thank you!


Bookmarked, thanks!


Ohhh This will help me with some of the design models I want to make of different watch movements. :smiley:
Thank you!


Love it


I really like the idea of this in acrylic. Looks so cool with the contrast!


Super cool generator!

To add to this. You can easily cut gears out of Delrin (acetal homopolymer). This makes gears that can also hold up to some additional stresses in applications that acrylics would not be suitable for.

A couple good links to start with delrin (not specific to gears mind you):

GF related topic: https://community.glowforge.com/t/delrin-cut-thickenss-and-alternatives/2422

Cue anxiously waiting for GF… Oh the gears I could be cutting!


f you can cut timing-pulley shapes instead of involute gears you may be able to simplify some designs a lot. I’m thinking about that for the tellurion. So thanks for that link.


I’ve been looking for this exact thing to make gears. Thank you for sharing this. This will help on a lot of my cosplay props.