Temp alerts are back.... :-(

I haven’t had a temp alert or cooldown since the July change to the firmware/software.

Last night I had two and again another this morning. Very frustrating as I’m trying to get ready for the Greater Hartford Mini MakerFaire. In fact, I’m worried about that as it is unseasonably warm here (as the folks who went to NYMF found out this weekend :slight_smile:slight_smile:

Half hour jobs. Room temp is 76, RH is 44. Interestingly enough, the bottom of the cart I have the GF on is 73 (infrared thermometer) but the top is 79F and the GF case is 82F.

Last night’s first overtemp warning cleared after an hour and restarted the job. The second one didn’t clear after 9 hours so I shut it down and restarted manually. This morning’s just restarted after about 45 minutes.

Grin & bear it or is this a problem because the room isn’t 75F?


At 76 degrees in the room you may have cooling pauses - but they shouldn’t last that long. The support team will make sure Engineering hears about it.


Warming up in here (basement) due to the 90F+ outside :slight_smile:

I’m going to have to break the job up (it’s 6 copies of the same thing) and send them one at a time. I’ll have extra render time but it will give the GF time to cool in between and net time should reduce vs. 15 minutes cutting, half hour/45 min cooling (it’s in one of those cooling cycles now).

The Pro or Winter will be great :smile: My wife won’t let me move it upstairs - we have side-hinged casement windows.

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Ah yes… Winter in coming!!


Just wanted to say we’re still looking into your unit’s performance. I’ll post more when it’s available!


NP. It’s back to seasonal temps here. Running my MMF prep jobs now. But we have decided to put a/c in the basement. Next year will be warm again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Was surprised it would take so long to cool down but also happy that it would auto-restart. (I’m not worried leaving it on over night.)

I thought it was odd where it would be stuck on the alert but sometimes I could turn it off & restart it and it would work seemed it has a lower resume temp than turn on/new job temp threshold. That one is probably worth digging into.

Otherwise there are other folks here with more pressing issues.

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I live here in Hawaii - it is warm here I have no AC in my workshop - is there a work around?

This is not looking good for me boys and girls

What is the ambient air temp? Also, if you have a temperature gauge that tells you the surface temperature, what is the temp of the table/bench your GF :glowforge: is on?

The error seemed to have gone away. I turned it off for 1 minute and turned if back on, now it prints fine.

Report it to Support (either email or a new topic here). They couldn’t figure out why my unit was not recovering after hours sometimes and why it took a restart of the machine. It might be good if you added your info to their troubleshooting efforts.

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I got the impression that there are more than one temperature limit. There are the extreme temps where you can’t start a job at all and then there might be temps where the first job can start after power up and as long as it doesn’t go above another certain temp will finish. But you might not be able to start the next job until it cools to a lower threshold. Powering off and back on might reset it to the more relaxed temp limit. But continuing to do that means you are running at higher temps than the tube life curves suggest.

None of this was ever said directly by GF so I could be completely wrong. Just combining bits and pieces out of context.


the response that I got from support about my much longer-than-expected cooldown period was to turn off the machine and turn it on again (only happened the one time).
Since then I have seen a few cooldown messages after running a job, but none have lasted for more than 1 minute, and often it’s only a few seconds.


@jamesdhatch I believe we’ve addressed the issue your unit was seeing… are you seeing fewer yellow buttons now?

Yes. I had an odd one Saturday after re-enabling it on my network after the MakerFaire. I restarted it and haven’t seen an issue since. I did run it in high-70s ambient temps for a couple of short jobs on Sunday.

Temps are back to normal and I have been doing a bunch of stuff in prep for an artist collective demonstration and for a wedding. Those have been multi-hour sessions without any issue.

Thanks for checking in.

Great, I’m glad to hear it. Please let us know if we can help with anything else.