Terrible Customer Service

why can’t you actually have a actual delivery date. My account shows 12th Oct. Now it is 17 Oct. Emails are so incorrect.

It’s been updated to project the accurate delivery date.

Still shows the 12th. Who are they correcting?

You need a better logistics team


Man, your frustration is understood Mike.
The date was projected by an algorithm the company built to give them a measure of relief from the incessant 2 year “WTF and WHEN?!” from their customers. That tool responds to everything from the capacity of their suppliers to manufacturing (line) availability. The date is going to fluctuate according to that data. They couldn’t tell exactly because the company doesn’t have absolute control over all the variables. Some of us have suffered 6-month delay (announced a week before deadline) after 6-month delay - after 6-month delay.
I know that doesn’t make you feel any better, but I was just trying to give you a degree of insight as to why the date changes.

We understand what you are feeling, we have also. Thing is, it was worth it.
All a matter of perspective I guess. I can tell you that all the angst instantly evaporates when you have the glowforge at your command, at least it did for me.


what he said…

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I am terribly sorry. Something quite unusual happened and your unit did not ship properly and we’re working to unravel what happened and make sure that you get it just as soon as we can. Since we’re already working by email, I’m going to close this thread.

In addition, we are working on training new team members so that we can reply more promptly!

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