Tesselating Pattern Designs



I’ve been working on a series of designs for silhouette cutouts but I wanted something adaptable – that would fit any future products I might design. I started with a square with regular breaks – sections where the silhouette would be connected to the outside area.

By putting them in a matching pattern, the design becomes tesselating.

As long as the cutouts stop at those breakpoints, you can repeat the pattern infinitely in any direction.

Given that, I started on a few options.

I used two layers and Illustrator’s offset path tool to create a stacked effect that gives extra visual depth to the pattern, and gives me the option to use different materials or finishes on each layer.

I supplemented them with some of the leaf designs you may have seen in earlier posts. I haven’t quite figured out the tree shape design yet, but I’m getting good lights results from the leaves.

I’ve been having good results with them so far.

You can see that the lamp on the right stacks the cloud pattern on top of itself. I’m testing out the others in the light cube. The eventual idea is that I can use these patterns interchangeably in other designs, allowing people to order a whole line of products with the same design on them.

I don’t have full prototypes for those yet, but I do have files for the tesselating patterns, which I’m attaching here:
Tesselating Pattern Base.ai (612.6 KB)
Tesselating Pattern Library.ai (1.4 MB)

I’ll share more files once they get to the working prototype stage, but I wanted to share the basic core of the designs now.


I love tessellated patterns and tiles.Thanks so much for sharing the files and demo. These are gorgeous.That is a very clever design trick to begin with the intersections and gaps and then just fill in as whimsy dictates.

Tesselating Patterns -- still going



Very cool! Thank you for sharing this.


Not just beautiful work but another word to add to my ever growing vocabulary.


What a brilliant idea! Thanks for your generous share.


Awesome ideas. They look great.


Love the idea (and how you did it ). I’ve been playing with similar patterns. I’ll share when I get a chance.


These look great! Thanks so much for sharing them!


Thank you for the great project, the write up and sharing, I am ready to get my Glowforge and make some myself.

Thanks again. @rgrannan


This is a really clever approach!


Thanks for sharing the the photos of your great work and how you made them in ai. I have so much to learn…


Me too! Translates into so much room to grow!


I really like the leaves. :smiley:


Which is why I really enjoy this forum and it’s members - Helping me learn something almost every day !


Very cool! I’ll have to remember that one.


Really happy to see this- and thanks for sharing!

I’ve been using a voronoi tessellation generation script to create stupidly complex text stencils for a book project, and I’m really looking forward to adapting it more generally towards projects like this. I like what you’ve done here and hopefully I will have something to contribute to the conversation once I have a glowforge in my hands :slight_smile:


Had no idea about Voronoi until I started messing with the Inkscape extensions. They are cool.


Love the tessellations!!

Voronoi patterns are SO much fun to work with…especially to bust out last-minute “interpretive diagrams” for desk crits back at school :joy: I don’t know how to work with them in other programs, but with the Grasshopper plugin for Rhino you can do all kinds of really great things with them!


There’s an extension in Inkscape for this? I will have to check into that. Can’t keep track of all of the different extensions… lol