Test engraving

Made a test cut from a line drawing of my favorite spaceship



Awesome! I’m testing engraving at the moment as well. (I like the different options we have to work with.) :grinning:


It worked pretty well, though in a lot of places it barely engraved through the paper. When the adhesive was removed (because it burned away all the paper but left it all sticky) a lot of the detail went with it. With the auto-engraving it didn’t seem to give me a darkness option. And the manual engraving seemed to only do one power level



Yeah, i just came to the conclusion this morning that I need to remove the masking when I’m doing this kind of photo engraving. (Or up the power to get through the mask, but then you do have to deal with adhesive goo all over everything. Easier to just take it off first, and it should clean up very easily with that finish.)

Edit: BUT you also have to lower the power if you do that - it’s eating away too much now. This is why testing is so critical. Huh!


I had that show up this weekend. My Baltic Birch trials were all good so when I dropped the PG Maple Ply in for the final version I left it at the PG settings I had used for grayscale mapped to power - with 0 being the lowest. I got some areas where the mask was burnt off but the adhesive remained and when removed it left unengraved spaces in the wood surface. I’m going to try a couple of other settings - stepping the 0 up by 5s until I get the effect I want.

Or I’ll peel the masking because with the engraving I’m not getting any smoke residue.


Do we know when 3D engraving will be unlocked?

Me too. Now that I have a Glowrforge again and the new settings available, I am working on my dad as a sailor, again. Had some great luck on BB, then when I went to PG maple, not so much…so this thread is of particular interest to me right now.

Sounds ominous like The Inquisition. :wink:


I’ve been documenting the progress here:

Maybe your app is different with the pre-release. But the 3D Engrave option does not seem to be “unlocked” regardless of material or subject. I think you’re describing a similar, but different function.



Oh yes…dammit they really need to clarify that a little, because I always forget what each is.

Never mind. That blank button is for the engraving on laptops, and that’s probably what you were asking about.

Deleted original response.

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I’ve been using Draftboard for most of my testing of a new project but this one is for an ottoman top (it’ll be the footrest) so I wanted a substitute for the PG Maple Ply that I’d be using for the final project - figured BB would be a better surrogate for the way the engraves would ultimately show up in the Maple Ply.

It’s been a long road but I do really like the new engraving performance. The grayscale mapped to power option turned out some great results for the parts of the design I used it on. Really nice depth and relief where I had sufficient grayscale levels.