Test tube chemistry desk toy

I’m just getting up and running with my machine, and made this for a chemist friend’s upcoming birthday. It’s all proofgrade, and you could mix up the materials as you wish (but keep the middle layer of the holder thick). Next time I might use veneer for the outer layers and score the adhesive side to only expose where it needs to attach.

Test tubes: medium clear acrylic
Base: medium draftboard
Outer layers of holder: medium maple ply
Inner layer of holder: thick draftboard (mine measured at 0.22" with masking, so the base is designed for that measure)

testtubestand.svg.zip (4.7 KB)


What a cool thing! Test tubes and all! :grinning:

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Awwwwww, how cute. Thanks for the design!

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Genius! Thank you for sharing.

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If you ever revisit the design you could make the base thicker. Then add a small hole with an LED under each test tube. Then the engravings could be lit up in different colors.


This is so unique and clever!

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Nice job making it special to the recipient!

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A good gift for the day chemists!