Testing my Medal

Etching the Medals for the winners of our Home Brew competition. Picked up some Laser Bond 100. The stuff is awsome and cleans off with just water. It’s not terribly expensive but I’m going to try and recapture it and reuse it.
I figure I’ll just let the water evaporate and reconstitute with isopropyl alcohol. Worth a try anyway.
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Very nice! Like that you make the awards useful too! :grinning:

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Laser bond? Go on…


This is the site.
Not super cheap but a good option. I’ve tried Dry molly spray but it’s a challenge to clean up afterwards this stuff literally wipes away with water


Here’s a picture of the front of the medals. My daughter designed them for us last year but I didn’t have the GF to etch on the medals for our first comp.
I work for the Mayo clinic and they are currently going through a multi year project they refer to DMC (Destination Medical Center) . Over 1/3 of the population of the city works for Mayo and we thought it would be humorous to call the competition The Drunken Monkey Competition. She designed the logo to look like the Mayo logo originally with a drunk monkey laying across the hopps. Some of the other club members expressed concern about possible litigation from Mayo. :slight_smile: So we settled on the Cinco De Mayo name.


What Laser bond 100 did you use, the Aerosol or the liquid?

I used the liquid because it was a bit cheaper. Not sure that’s actually going to be the case in the long run. My thinking is that I can only apply it to the area I want to engrave rather than spraying a large area for maybe a single line of text.

Thanks, i may try both. The work you did looks really good.

Is that green? They make different colors?

The green Logo side is not done by me. We had ordered about 300 of these last year with the intention of using them for a few years. I only did the engraving of the Names Place and beer on the back

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Oh, those look SO cool! I have yet to mark metal—really need to give it a try. Thanks for the link!

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That’s cool. I’ve been wanting to try Cer/TherMark. Looks like LaserBond is about the same. A little cheaper so maybe I’ll give that a go! Thanks!


Great job, what was the source of the blanks?

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what settings did you use

I’ll have to check, I didn’t order them but I will say the quality is very good.

I used a speed of 300 and power @ full. I didn’t do a lot of testing. I ran a few different settings on one of them and chose the one that looked good. I’m sure some fiddling would result in optimum speed and appearance.

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