Testing the New AI Art Feature in the Dashboard

Thanks GF for adding the AI art generator. I am no longer worried about AI taking over my job. I do have a question about the generated art. I am seeing what looks like signatures in the bottom right corner of some of the images. It appears to be similar to a signature of an artist but is pretty much illegible. Are these artists signatures from art that the AI has learned from?

The “artificial intelligence” moniker is a little misleading if you aren’t into the technical details. It might be better to think of it as “applied statistics.”

The analysis of a lot of artwork shows that much of it has a signature. So, the system tries to add something that looks like a signature. It doesn’t have any real understanding of the semantic content. So, the signature is illegible.

Edit: In case that missed what you are getting at: yes, there is clearly signed art in the training data. There is a lot of controversy right now about whether scraping people’s artwork off the Internet without consent constitutes “fair use,” both in the legal and ethical senses. It is also not clear what specific model and training data Glowforge is using.


This is going to get very interesting. Getty Images is currently suing one of the AI image companies for using their images in designs without permission (US copyright laws). These AI developers need to keep copyright in mind when gathering images.


GF does not answer questions here. You should contact them directly unless you just want a bunch of random opinions. In which case you might be better served by one of the other 4 topics already rehashing this subject, or the thousands of identical discussions outside of this forum.

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