Texas Escutcheon

The Lonestar state says hello to it’s fellow Glowforge owners.

I will say, the detail of the cutting is truly amazing. It was able to cut out several of the big bays. Galveston, Matagorda, Corpus Christi. Even some of the smaller ones (Baffin, Copano, San Antonio, etc.). The lines of the Rio Grande and Sabine rivers are just awe inspiring.


I will be cutting another blank of the state to sit underneath, so the center circle sits even with it’s big brother.


YeeHaw! Is that your Pin point? I like that! :grinning:


Yes, It’s the river city. Also known as the Alamo City or more properly, San Antonio.


Good eatin’ there! :wink:


Is this three levels of engraving? It looks great! So even. Nice job!

Ooo, yeah! As someone who lives near a couple of those bays, I heartily approve!

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Where are you in Houston?

Nice to see another San Antonian with a Glowforge.


Of all of the designs that are posted into the forums, escutcheons always grab my attention. I think it’s because it adds a personality to both the machine, and the owner. Not to say that the wonderful designs that are created by forum posters are not a declaration of personality, because some of those definitely are! :smile:


Yeah, the material I’m using is .1" MDF board. Which happens to fit perfectly with the button’s ring (Also .1" deep). I was thinking of clear acrylic for the inset too. Whatever I put on the base will need to be slightly smaller though, as the bottom tip of the state rests on the silver edging of the housing and thus the whole thing doesn’t sit flat. Live, learn and adapt.

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Okay, not near near the bays. Center of town, in Bellaire. But it just does my Gulf Coast heart good to see Matagorda and such lovingly detailed in laser! My dad and I always wanted to do a boat trip down the Intracoastal Waterway but never got around to it.


Oooooo…Franklin bbq!

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Yep, I know where Bellaire is. :grinning:

Did you avoid the flooding from Harvey? We got really nailed on the northwest side of town…not personally, but a lot of folks we know around here. It was just a mess.

Alas, we got an inch of water downstairs – just enough to be in the FEMA club with regard to replacing floors and drywall, but thankfully not enough to destroy much furniture or other contents. Garage was worse, but we probably needed to get rid of some of my children’s books anyway. We really can’t complain too much by comparison; we’ve got family and coworkers in so much worse shape.

Glad you came through okay yourself. And I had no idea that The Jules lived my hometown! :smiley: I’m sure that info is on the forums somewhere, but I’m just now starting to dig deeply into past posts. We ordered on Day 104, so I’m only now starting to let myself think about beginning to get kinda excited…


Chuckle! Yeah, just another cranky old Texan in Cypress. :wink:

Really sorry to hear about any amount of water in the house though…it tends to tear up the sheetrock for at least four feet. Bummer! :slightly_frowning_face:

That would have been a pretty awesome trip. Could have docked at Waterfront Restaurant in Matagorda for some food… and then down to Snoopy’s. Baffin and the backside of Padre Island National Seashore is a really neat area.

That’s in Austin :wink: but, they are closed at the moment. They had a fire in late August and haven’t opened back up yet.

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What is the diameter of the big button? How big of a hole do we need to allow for in the design of our own escutcheons ?

I used the figures provided by Jules when I did mine. Luckily I did it in cardboard. According to my post on it I used 41mm for the outside diameter and it was just a little loose.

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Thanks for the info, @caribis2

No, you guys can’t use mine anymore, I’ve got a PRU. The size of the button has changed just a hair for the production units. :neutral_face:

Somebody who has their final machine needs to grab their calipers and measure again.