Text box with premium

I needed some help. I wanted engrave a note on some wood. I am using the text box with my premium package. It’s typing the message in the whole long line. I wanted to break it up into several lines. I tried pushing return but that just creates the long line. I cant figure it out. the arrows dont help. Thanks

Unfortunately the text feature doesn’t support line breaks. You have to make a new text object for each line. :frowning:


Really? That isn’t good. That’s what I ended up doing :slightly_frowning_face: thanks for letting me know.

A suggestion/tip to help - one you have all your text boxes, you can select them and use the align feature in premium - This will help you line them up (e.g left or right sides), or center them, and evenly space them so you don’t have to spend time trying to do that by hand.


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