Text not appearing when I upload to glowforge

hello all, how do you attach text to object in inkscape so you can uploaded to glowforge

You have to either convert the text to outlines first or save your file as a PDF instead of SVG to upload.

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I am in the beginning stage of this journey, I need step by step details. I went to path selected object to path the urgrouped then when to path and clicked union. object appears but no text

Welcome to the fun!I’m afraid I use Illustrator and not Inkscape so I don’t personally know the exact steps - but there’s plenty of discussion on this topic, search the forum for “inkscape” and “convert text”. Or as I said earlier just save your file as a PDF.


Select the Text. Click on Path > Object to Path. Ungroup it. Then you should attach it through Union.


Attaching it by combine will get better results as something like the letter “O” would lose that inside circle with union,

I thought Combine kept the parts discrete? Union blends the paths together right? (Don’t know I’m not an Inkscape user, but I thought I’d just read that somewhere recently.)

Whichever one works. Just make sure you convert the text to a path first. :slightly_smiling_face:

Combine makes them one thing and so sorts out what is inside and what is outside, Union makes the outermost outline one thing and deletes everything inside.

So if you were creating a cutline with Combine that consisted of an overlapping circle and square, the resulting cut would be just the combined shape and not an individual circle and a square?

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yup! with fill on say the square was bigger you would have a square with a hole in it. With union you would have just a square.

Huh! I can see some experimenting ahead. :smile:
(I really don’t need to be messing with this right now…but curiosity is going to get me…I know it.)

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Ask me how I know!

a big complex piece became just a blank space. fortunately, undo was working


I see that you got some fantastic help in this thread. Thanks for the answer @ekla, @Jules, and @rbtdanforth that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!