Text not uploading from Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator

I work in two creative programs…Inkscape & Adobe Illustrator
I am having trouble importing/uploading text files to my design on any of my projects
I keep getting the notice that my files are empty???
Has anyone experienced this or that knows what could possibly been happening.
I have been on sabbatical due to a brain injury so I am just getting started working on my Glowforge again…any help would certainly be appreciated!
And if there is anyone that wouldn’t mind taking me under their wing as I try to regain use of my brain, I would be forever grateful!!!
Thank you all so much

Glowforge UI does not support text. You have to convert it to paths in your design app. In Inkscape you use the “Object to path” option (⇧⌘C on Mac.) Not sure what it would be called in AI.


If I am not mistaken I have uploaded text files when I first got my Glowforge. Has this changed? Perhaps when they started the premium upgrade (that includes there text files)???

No, text has never been supported.

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Text has never been supported. You must convert to path. Lots of posts about this in the forum.


Is it possible you uploaded as a pdf? My brain thinks there’s a conversion the pdf format does that makes it work, but I might be wrong.


PDF would do it - at least, even from Inkscape, embedded fonts work without converting to paths.

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In Illustrator you can convert the text:

  1. Type text
  2. (menu - choose the filled arrow) Rt click choose create outlines

This will allow GF to import

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