Text Tool feature request - grow from reference point

I’m starting to do multiple iterations of things (this time, engraving notebook covers) and have jumped in to using the GF design tools. I’ve got a logo set to engrave on each of the 2 notebooks on the machine, and then 2 text items below them. Engrave this set, take them out, put in 2 new ones on my alignment marks, change the names, do 2 more.

Issue is that each name is slightly different length, and as I change them, it keeps the lower-left (upper-left?) location the same and grows to the right. I’m trying to have the text centered beneath the logo, so I have to go back, click on the text, use the ruler tool, switch it to center reference and re-enter the center-X value. Not the worst thing in the world, but would be nice to have a way to control where the refence point is (like in the rule) for text, so as we type in more or less it adjusts from the reference.


I’m so sorry for the trouble! That’s a great idea for a text tool feature - thanks for the suggestion! We haven’t announced anything like that yet, but I’m going to send it to our product team with a note that it came from a customer request. I’m going to close this thread, but feel free to post a new topic if you encounter any other issues!

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