Text2Vector (Free Vector Text Generator)

Does the :glowforge: score it like that? I thought I read somewhere that it doesn’t pay attention to stroke styles?

That’s not a stroke style after converting to path. It converts it into individual segments.

The single-path text has 69 nodes, converted using the first dashed option as shown, it has 1,968 (at that scale, would depend heavily on size of text and dash spacing).


Wow, yeah, I am not even going to try to replicated that. That would be a LOT of work.

If that is the desired result, use an image editor. There is nothing simple about that.

I’ve never tried it, but it would be fun to see if the GF will roughly follow the path of those segments, or just randomly fly all over the place…

Here, hold my beer…


(actual print time was 2:40, and the text is 6.2" wide)

The result:


That looks cool, but this free tool will not do that. You will have to do that in an image editor.

Sorry - not implying is should. Someone asked, I told them how to do in Inkscape, which led to this discussion.

Your tool can provide the single-stroke text in multiple fonts, which is very handy. If someone wanted to stitch over it in leather, for example, they could use this technique.

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I was thinking it would be a great way to cut all the way through without the centers of the “O” etc falling out. I really do not like most stenciled fonts.

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It would be simpler to use a font designed for the purpose.

It reminds me of Duchamp’s The Green Box, https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/492389

Someone even made the font based of the artwork.

@rbtdanforth I found the font looking for a stencil font that didn’t look stenciled.


It would not be hard to create a font that did that to use on this application (it would just take a lot of time), but to make it an option for all fonts would be VERY complicated.

Would users be interested in a font like that for this? If there is enough interest, I could work on it.

I don’t have a use for it, besides I already have the font. I think there are more useful additions than adding more fonts.

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If I had a need for it, I would create it. But I don’t, so I won’t.

That was how this projected started anyway. I needed (well, I wanted) a less-complicated single-line font for my designs. That was easier to create than in Inkscape, but could easily be added to Inkscape (or directly into the :glowforge: UI).


@bill.m.davis & @drvegetable The latest version is truly fantastic. Copy svg to clipboard pastes flawlessly into AI. Great time saver vs. using any of the other available single line text tools.

Do you guys have a buy me a coffee set up?


I do not. (I cannot speak for @drvegetable.) I just create things that I find useful, and I share them.


Your generosity is much appreciated sir.


What he said.


Thank you so much for this!


Thank you @bill.m.davis and @drvegetable, your work is appreciated. Please keep creating and sharing useful things.


Thanks very much for text2vector, @bill.m.davis and @drvegetable. I find myself using your “simple” tool all the time to annotate parts that are laid out for cutting. By the time I’ve shuffled them around to conserve material, their relationship to one another for assembly gets thoroughly lost. But now, thanks to text2vector, they’re labeled!


That is exactly why I needed this tool!

I am glad it is of use to others too!!