Thailand Manhole Cover - FREE!

Although it’s been quite some time since I’ve had access to my lasers, I still find myself thinking about ideas from time to time. We recently did a roadtrip here in Thailand from Bangkok up to Chiang Mai, which is a beautiful drive once you get to the more northern half of the country. Northern Thailand is known for a dish named Khao Soi, among other things, but after making it to Chiang Mai, we had to find a place that made that dish. It’s delicious regardless of who made it, but this place we went to, named after the dish, was unique! They had the soup version of it, as well as a stir fried version, both so good.

Anyway, they had these manhole covers outside of the restaurant and I remembered a while back that others had shared their Japanese manhole covers, I figured I would add to that. The following are just image clips, not the file:

Same file, just with outlines turned on versus fill. I honestly cannot believe how long it took to get this file ready off of the original image, I’m both rusty and innefficient :frowning: , but it was fun nonetheless to get back into design work! Here is original image for reference:

Finally, the file:
Khao Soi Manhole Outline

Somebody please put this on something so I can live vicariously through you and post it down below!!


Bonus images of the Khao Soi I had:


Great to hear from you! The manhole cover design is lovely, as is the original (love the colors, they add so much!).


Thanks for sharing


That’s awesome!


I found there is a tradition that everything made be beautiful had made a big thing in Japanese Manhole covers and there are tons of pictures and nerds trying to collect them all.

It would be interesting to make a study of Thai manhole covers (you might even get a book out of it)


Or AI can get you what you want…


Thanks for the share!


That’s gorgeous! Imagine the society that knows it’s important enough to take the time to do something like that. Sigh.

Also, I was just thinking of you and your fingerprint maker’s mark because of this:


So glad you’re enjoying yourselves over there! Thank you for such a great share! You did a great job.


I think I’d spend some time changing the fills before next time. This is a 3.25 inch cork coaster.


I took a bunch of pics of manhole covers in Japan. I was trying to not be obsessive, but…

they are pretty fun. The people I was with thought I was a bit crazy taking pics of manhole covers.


I dig the inverse version, and wanted to try something on the 3dPrinter-

At best I would say it was a ‘learning experience’ -

Although, when held up to the light, I’d go so far as ‘creative interpretation’ :sunglasses:



OK, I missed a spot in the upper right, but spent a little time to make it look like this.


I’m thinking about bringing the SVG to the 3D printer as well. Maybe later tonight.


Thank you for sharing! This is beautiful.

I love Thailand! My parents lived there for a year and a half, and my husband and I were able to visit. I’ve never met lovelier, more gracious people.


You’d be run over by a taxi or moped here before you got the chance to see most manhole covers :sweat_smile: This was the first one I’ve seen that was decorative, and I’m assuming it was due to the nature of the restaurant. The whole area of the restaurant was Japanese themed, so I’m guessing the owner was heavily inspired by what she saw in Japan, but is also detail oriented, so instead of having regular manhole covers outside of her restaurant, she chose these. If you look at the spoon in my pictures up above you’ll notice it’s quite unique and definitely detail oriented, as well as the restaurant’s symbol on the dishes. I think she’d fit right in with this bunch :grin: Also I’m saying “she” because although my wife and I did not meet the owner, we had to know more about who they were, so we looked her up - an interesting story for sure!

Haha I’ve always been proud of mine, and I still find myself looking at it almost every day (I put a sticker of it on my water bottle) and thinking I did good when I designed it. I’ll add to that post when I get to my computer, I’m not sure that I’ve got a copy of the logo on my phone anymore.

Tsk, tsk, I’d say it’s hardly any different than taking a picture of a flower or an interesting building such as a temple. You wanted to remember something that was special to you, especially something that is so mundane back home. Not only that, these are actually very interesting, I’d be more surprised by people not taking pictures of them, but perhaps we are the weird ones? :thinking:

@hansepe thank you!!! Still looks good either way, but I think I’ll add a version of what you’ve got so it has an option for it. It’s giving me slight PTSD as I literally spent most of the day outlining a half opacity, black and white image that looked really similar to those second results :sweat_smile: Certainly the fills on the outside circles could be tweaked, I’ll adjust it a bit and reupload, thanks again for burning it!

@High_Latitude The inverse is actually how the manhole cover looks, but I was concerned that burning 98% of the surface of a material may be a bad idea for most users. Turning the power down and doing it would be fine, more so it was a light burn, but again, gotta be careful with these free files. 3D printing it is a brilliant workaround to that problem, the chance of spontaneous combustion with one of those has to be at least 30% lower :wink: Here’s a pic of an unfilled version of the same cover:

We’re coming up on 2.5 years, and have loved it. We knew it was going to be a good place when one of our first taxi drivers was so excited to speak English with us and teach us some Thai. The longer I’m here, the more I love it, I really can’t express how beautiful the random highways through the north were. The roads ran through some very small towns, and between them gorgeous forests, trees lining either sides of 2 lane roads, the mountains, the actual feeling of Fall, with both the temperature change and leaves changing. We live in Bangkok which looks nearly the same as any other time of year, and we’ve traveled to a handful of the southern islands which also don’t change much, so the northern areas were a real treat to behold. The people really are fun to know, I’ve worked with some of the most down to earth people here, and even just meeting some random Thai people on the street can be such an uplifting moment to a day. Our first son has green eyes and strawberry blonde hair, it makes him quite popular with the locals. We often get asked to take pictures with people because of it :sweat_smile:


You’ve got a bunch on the forum :slight_smile:


Also, things look different when you’re a maker, especially with a laser.


Lovely share and thread. Thank you.