Thank you, Dan and everyone at Glowforge!

I shouldn’t be surprised, but was anyway…at all the negative comments still, with even such great news. Thank you all for working so hard to bring this to life. I’ve loved having a PRU and now really can’t remember life pre-Glowforge! :grinning: Sending you all best wishes for a job well-done. I know you all won’t be relaxing just yet, but please know that there are legions of us behind you.


Once again I am out of love but yes you have put a voice to what I wanted to say.


Yep, I feel bad for doubting @dan and @staff this last few weeks.

Sorry guys! Love you! Keep it up and lets see Pro shipments!


I’m very excited for the announcement of shipping but you have to admit that if you didn’t have a PRU and were waiting for a Pro. The news that they are not yet shipping contrary to what we’ve be told is disappointing. And with no indication from Dan about how far behind it is there is little comfort. Only hope, of which I still have at least a bit.

EDIT I need to set the record straight. I’m putting the following statement every where I made the claim I read they said they’d ship the same time…
perhaps I was reading into other statements what I wanted to hear. I just searched Dans posts for “Pro” and “ship” and in 50 results I could not find a single instance where he said it.


Sorry, out of love tonight but yeah, if I didn’t have a pru I’d have very mixed emotions.
On the one hand, this is a HUGE milestone. On the other hand, I’d be all but, but.
I have no Cristal ball but I’d guess that the pro will be shipping well before the basics are completed with their initial pre-order run.
Another two sides of the coin thing is that while I understand the desire to get one in hand, the more that are made before they make mine is potentially a better unit I’ll get.


No PRU here and am waiting for a Pro. Still super excited! It’ll happen, dude.


Dan has never expressly said the basics and Pros would ship at the same time. (if he ever got any more specific than “all things being equal”, I missed it)

So while I’m happy that the basics are gonna start rolling, I’ll be shocked if I receive an email about my Pro before late July. I half expect to see some public PRU Pros before they ship - but that’s just my extremely unqualified guess.

That being said, I hope some very well deserved champagne is flowing tonight at Maker Faire in San Francisco & back home in Seattle!


Have not seen this info yet (just logged on a few minutes ago) can anyone share a link to the post, please?


I apologize for my bit of negativity today. I truly am excited, just feeling some self pity. I know my Glowforge is coming.


I, for one, respect the hect out of you!! You are ME!
Newbe, but have skills.
I’m terrified but so freaking excited!!!
You do amazing work, but don’t see it, yet aren’t afraid to ask for help!
I applaud you!! And thank you for showing me… I CAN DO IT TOO!!!
I can’t wait for my email!!!


I hear ya. Almost (ALMOST) makes me wish that I hadn’t upgraded away from the basic. LOL


It’s great news indeed. Congratulations Glowforge team and congratulations Glowforge users! Happy times :slight_smile:


Not to keep this going, but I guess if you are a FNL then yes @dan slightly hedged by using the word expect, but there really isn’t a lot of ambiguity in this post in 12/16 (had to use the advanced search options).

“We’re just about ready to start production of Pro models - prerelease are all basic, but for production, we expect to ship pro and basic simultaneously. We’ve been ordering parts for both.”


Thats probably the straw of hope I grabbed on to with my belief that, to qoute myself “he said they would ship at the same time”

Wonder why my search last night didn’t find that. I’m usually a search master (really the only skill I possess)


No PRU, Pro customer.

I am VERY excited for the news because it means Basic are shipping, Pro are coming soon. They may have some things to finish for Pro, in part because they had Basic PRU out before getting their testing Pro units. They can apply everything they learned with the Basic towards streamlining the finish process on the Pro. Yes, @dan wanted Pro shipping at same time as Basic, and it may be coming very soon (we just don’t know), but he never committed to that. What he did commit to was that the solid goal was all pre-order units shipping by the end of July. We don’t know if they will hit or miss that goal, but they are well on their way to it.

The forums should be blowing up with celebration. Seriously, it should be party time, not complaint time.

  1. Units ARE shipping. Even if they are not placing any Pro units in the mail, yet, They have started shipping Basic units 10 weeks before the goal date for shipping all pre-order units. I’m sure this is a small batch run, just like the production, but it lets them work out all the kinks and bugs in the production-to-doorstep path. Everything they learn shipping these units makes the shipping of the rest better and faster.

  2. @dan and Glowforge are putting their money where their mouth is. This isn’t Beta. This isn’t PRU. This is Production. Customers are receiving the product they ordered. One concern with crowdfunding, while I never worried about it from Glowforge, is that it is possible that the campaign goes nowhere. This campaign is getting places.

  3. Pro is coming. The step to shipping even Basic is huge and logical. There is no way that you could take a company like Glowforge, start shipping Basic in time for a publicly announced goal, then put off Pro another 3 or 6 months past that goal for a known reason and not risk losing up to half their customer base. This tells me, despite ongoing firefighting against different issues on the part of @dan and the Glowforge team, that they are well on the way to meeting this goal. (Yes, shipping Basic proves Pro are coming. The consequences if the fail there are severe, and any savvy company knows that.)

  4. It is possible that they may still encounter issues that prevent the full shipment on time, or with only minor slippage. If they are shipping Basic, the likely issues to prevent that shipping is not likelihood of Pro units not being ready. It is the likelihood of issues in the shipping process itself, or with the expediter, which are unpredictable. They cannot be foreseen beyond wild speculation and guesswork until they arise. But as we have been shown with units and production, if such issues arise, they will be approached head-on and aggressively until resolved.

  5. The delay incentives are still in place. @dan committed to a monthly incentive for every month your unit does not ship. If you are waiting another month for your Pro unit while Basics ship, you get more stuff for the delay.

While energy levels are insanely high at Glowforge HQ from shipping units, I suspect they are holding off the cake and champagne until either the July or August goals are met. For us owners in the forums, start the parties! Break out the cake and champagne. Make sure your Maker space is ready. Basic is shipping, Pro is coming soon, you have your incentives, and there are lots of reasons to celebrate.


Huzzah to this, and I heartily agree with all of the points in your post. Would have just “liked” your post, but I’m (already!) OOL today.

Everybody take a deep breath. Stop stressing, stop worrying. We’ve hit a major milestone here, and it is cause for celebration! :fireworks::revolving_hearts::tada:


Let me just pop in for a moment to say:

I’m so very impressed that you guys at Glowforge have done exactly what you said you were going to do, a year and a half ago. You’ve fought your way past so many obstacles; well-intentioned ones, not-so-well-intentioned ones, and the normal business related cock-ups, and you did it with class…and also a considerable amount of style, which made it a lot of fun along the way. :wink:

The end is in sight, and if you’re not bursting with pride at the feat you’ve pulled off, you should be.

Looking forward to the next phase.


This has been so long awaited. My husband and I are very excited to be able to start playing with the capabilities of our Glowforge!


Can I just say that I am super excited. I’m a basic buyer. I am not in the first batch; but I’m so enthusiastic about this after 2 years.
I’m delighted and I’m getting my studio set up this weekend, because my email is coming soon.

Thanks to the entire team.


Great attitude :slight_smile: