Thank you for working for us on Labor Day


I can see by the number of very quick responses today that many if not all of the Glowforge staff are working today (an American work holiday) to resolve issues and generally get product on its way to us throughout the US and overseas. Very much appreciated! :glowforge::sunglasses:


Yes, I hope GF staff get to enjoy some time off.


It’s hot dogs and hamburgers in the Glowforges for lunch!



Thank you. The team here works really hard for you - I’m constantly proud of how amazing the people here are!


I am really getting tired, upset and more than distrustful about what you guys have done so far…
I order my pro in October 2015 and almost 2 years after not an email about delivery date, not a product in my hand and bunch of sweet useless talks.
Where is my product???


sorry you feel that way, partner. (sidenote: random posts in the support forum are unlikely to be seen or answered; if you want official responses, you’ll need to start a separate thread).

if you look in the announcements forum, you can get an expectation for where they are in the order process. not quite into october 2015 orders yet, i don’t think.

are you a us or international orderer?

in re not receiving an email: while the first several updates were all emailed (you probably got one and missed it, if not, check to make sure they aren’t getting blocked by your spam filters), you can see the latest updates every month here in the forums.


I am in San Francisco, ordered on the 13th of October and some people that ordered around the same time already had their email with shipping eta… I did not, that pushes it somehow mid October or more since it is 6 weeks … Bs


it usually doesn’t take six weeks, for what it’s worth. many only take a day or three. also, current schedule shipping targets are sometime before oct 31st, so that’s probably accurate.

you said you ordered on october 13th. they haven’t hit the october 1st orders yet, but production is picking up speed.


As @dan made in his announcement for September Update, this link will let you know where they are in the shipping notifications:

Your order date means Day 20 is what you are looking for.


Thank you so much for the kind words! It definitely brightens our day :slight_smile: - I’ll make sure the rest of the team sees it too.