Thanks for the gift, Dan!


Just got the gift you sent by email to all of us, Dan. Thanks! I look forward to reading it.


I second that, thank you! By the way, I love the Glowforge logo snowflakes in the pic. =^)


Thanks for the book, look forward to reading it.

Note, @dan the page did not work multiple times in Safari (9.0.2) but worked fine in FireFox. The 2 things that didn’t work were the placeholder didn’t go away on the email field (overplayed the email address over the placeholder text) and the radio buttons wouldn’t select. Weirdly it now works, so not sure if it was a server glitch.


Thanks for the book @dan & @staff (not sure if that tag will work)! I’ve been looking for my next book to read.

@Jessup3D I didn’t even realize they were Glowforge logo’s until you pointed it out!


Thanks @dan! I have been meaning to pick up a copy.


I am looking forward to reading about the startup adventures. The bumble was a great choice for the holidays…“Bumbles bounce!”


Thanks @dan, I remember briefly flipping through Hot Seat at my bookstore job earlier this year and was meaning to go back and grab a copy. It’ll make for good reading in between dips in the pool this Christmas!


Thanks so much, Dan! As a 3-time startupper, I’m really looking forward to reading it.


Thank you! I wondered whether my thanks would add much to this thread; but upon reflection, sincere gratitude is better expressed than repressed. Merry Christmas, and happy whatever-y’all-celebrate. Thanks for the book, and thanks for the way you are running this business. And also, thanks for inventing the GlowForge… I’m looking forward to reading and creating.


@Dan…I am lamenting…I did not receive an email for the book. Please? :cry: :smiley:


Thanks @dan Looks like a good read


Thanks for the book @Dan! But also, thanks for everything else too! You guys continue to set the bar incredibly high for the rest of the crowdfunding industry. Youve turned a product into a community, and thats one of the best perks anyone could ask for. Cant wait to start cutting! Happy Holidays!


Thanks for the book! I opted for the digital copy to read on my phone or iPad, but there was only a link to the PDF copy (not so great for reading on an iPhone). Could we get a link to the ePub version (as indicated in the pre-download page)? Thanks!

Great gift but only in PDF format

Thanks @dan. Looking forward to giving it a read over the holiday. :relaxed:


Thanks Dan


Thanks @dan for the generous gift! Have a great holiday!


Oh man… Now I have to read something!!!:smiling_imp:


Above and Beyond! Thanks @dan!


My download pdf was empty, but the book is viewable on the web link. I hope you keep the link live past January 1. I have read a couple chapters already. GREAT writing!


My thanks too, especially as I was already thinking about buying it.