Thanks, Glowforge Support!

Just want to say that I reached out to Glowforge Support for an issue that I wasn’t expecting their actual help with. I was more looking for alternate solutions to an issue I was having. To my surprise, Glowforge Support went above, beyond, and then went even further to make me extremely happy. I didn’t have to twist their arm. Heck, like I said, I wasn’t even expecting them to be able to do a darn thing for me, and that would’ve been totally fine. But, no. They very quickly provided me a solution beyond any reasonable expectation.



Good to hear. Usually only negative comments posted here. :+1:


Agree, nice to hear. I realize people get frustrated and it does seem like it’s taking longer to get things addressed but there are some times when they are really helpful. Nice of you to share that.


I think anyone who reads this forum on a regular basis knows what to expect when they have to contact support. As evidenced by @Tom_A it is surprising when it goes quickly and satisfactorily. Others only have their experience of dealing with different companies support centers. Most of those have either a chat feature that connects within minutes to a human or a phone line that does the same. With only that knowledge behind them, trying to contact GF is rather overwhelming and frustrating if it doesn’t go as well as it did for our OP. I can understand those people getting angry and venting. I hope one day GF can have such a system.


Good to see you Tom, glad you had a pleasant surprise, and thanks for posting about it. :sunglasses:


Hi again, Tom! Thanks for sharing your positive experience with support. They’ve certainly been having their issues lately, so your post is a breath of fresh air.


Hi Tom!!! Really good to see you.

Love hearing you got some great help from Support! I know they always try to do whatever they can, but it’s nice to see positive thoughts!


I am glad someone got support and it was helpful and quick. Not typical.

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