Thanksgiving Turkeys

Woohoo, my first topic in the laser designs category! Pretty simple but I thought I would share nonetheless :smiley:

My new job holds monthly ‘office events’ where people can sign up to plan and host each month’s event, and are given a small budget for food/decorations/etc. The architecture department (all four of us! lol) decided we’d put our name down for the November event, which usually has a Thanksgiving theme to it. Naturally, I wanted lasers to take part.

3D turkey puzzle_no kerf (59.1 KB)
3D turkey puzzle_no kerf adjustment.pdf (66.6 KB)
could not get the svg upload to work :frowning:

Went and found some basic turkey clipart for a good outline of the head and neck, live traced and edited the path in Illustrator, then hopped into SketchUp to build the rest of the pieces. This is designed with 1/8" Baltic birch in mind (aka the most cost efficient material on Ponoko lol).

I knew it couldn’t be anything too complex since we’re on a budget and need to be able to make at least 32 turkeys. Tested the design last night in paper then in 1/16" chipboard…how easy this process will be when I have a glowforge!! Each piece of the turkey is roughly 2" tall, with the feathers each at 1.5". As the file names state, this design hasn’t been tested for kerf adjustment yet. If we get the green light on sending these out to get cut, I’m going to do a test sheet first with different kerf adjustment sizes- I’ll add more files once those happen!


Very cute…I could cut one today out of baltic birch if you like…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks! The feathers remind me a bit more of flower petals than feathers, but ah well haha. Plenty of time to make a super cool Thanksgiving table centerpiece once I have a laser cutter of my own…:sunglasses:

Ohmygosh you could?? :astonished: That would be so cool!!


Great job! You could use those as placecards.


Thank you! I was thinking the same thing, just add a little slot for a card and they’re good to go! Lots of options for customization/additional details. For the office event we’re thinking of having some sort of decorating contest to see who can make the most tricked-out turkey lol.


The stamper in me wants to make a rubber stamp with the laser, to apply feathers and features to the pieces after cutting. Hahaha!


That would be so awesome!!


Whoops! Just realized all my paths weren’t joined in my original illustrator file. Thing should be cleaner now! :smiley:


Those are cute, cute, cute!:smiley:


Aww thanks!! Super excited I’m getting to make them for a job event. My old office loved to talk about incorporating new technologies and encouraging people to bring up new ideas, but when it came down to it all those conversations just sort of happened, then that was it. :confused:


Just be careful, lest you wind up having to provide favors for ALL FUTURE PARTIES FOREVER AND EVER, AMEN!

Once they see those…you’re toast! :wink:


Hahaha that’s the great part about the parties though…you don’t have to help out at all if you’re not signed up for that month! Of course, they may still ask for help with lasercut part favors, and in that case…I’d honestly probably jump at the chance to do it, who am I kidding :laughing: So long as the office will pay to make 'em!


Those are so cute! You are an inspiration.


Thank you!! :blush: I’ve found that it’s much easier to come up with an idea when you have an actual goal and constraints in mind. Before this I had such a frustrating mental block trying to come up with ideas for the glowforge…I wonder if there’s a laser cutter equivalent to all those online writing-prompt generators? lol


Put the slot in their beak to hold a card (more horizontal than vertical but still “readable”) :slight_smile:


Love it!! Think I may have new placecards for my Thanksgiving table now…man, I cannot wait for the next major holiday after I get my glowforge haha


Had to do a fair bit of tweeking on this. For 1/8" baltic birch, the slots were way too wide. The stock I have runs about .124" thick.
Also, don’t forget to use raster or vector engrave…added a bit of feathery look to the tail. As well as added an eye and cutouts in the feathers.
There is much more details that could be added but just did a few for example.
I had some scrap orange so used that…the lighting makes it look different colors though.

Size reference…the lego knight was hungry…he said the turkey tasted a bit dry…lol


Awwww…that looks great in wood! (I’m gonna make me some turkeys for next Thanksgiving!):smiley:


Here are the files for Baltic birch ply .124" thickness
Stephs turkey.pdf (10.4 KB)

Stephs turkey.dxf (175.7 KB)


You guys (as always) are freaking awesome.

In under 6 hours someone posts a design, and it becomes a reality. Not even my design and I love you guys!

Never change. :wink: