Thanksgiving update


I’m out of like, but that deserves one, so here you go :heart:


@dan what is the ETA for the beta deliveries for people in the UK?


The beta and pre-release lasers are US only. There won’t be any international shipments until the production models have started. You can find him mentioning this a few times if you need confirmation.


Thanks for that.
There are so many announcements on here that I wasn’t sure where to look.
Oh I thought because I ordered before october 2015 that I would have it shipped before full production, there wasn’t any mention of outside of US.
Thanks again


Ok I’m confused now. I ordered a GF pro in the October campaign in 2015. When are we now receiving our units in EU?


No shipping announcement has been made. They are just sending early loaner test units to some people in the us. This is getting blown out of proportion.


There will be an update to the shipping schedule either later tonight or tomorrow. Just keep an eye on the Announcements section - we’re not sure exactly when it will be ready. :relaxed:


Ok thanks :slight_smile:

There’s so many comments that it’s hard to get a good idea of what’s going on after visiting so rarely. :slight_smile:


We’re definitely a chatty bunch! Chuckle! :wink: