Thanksgiving update


:checkered_flag: The finish line is getting closer…
Great news! And I’m flattered that my quote was actually used! :grin:


Speculation, but in terms of variables Glowforge has no control over, certifications are the only thing I can think of… They may have been secured for all I know, but I would expect that would be something that @dan would be eager to announce.


Looks like everything has been said, so I just want to thank you all for your efforts to deliver a product of this quality. This is my first time supporting a starter but I think will be the best :squee:


Wicked Puuuuuuuuumped! Thanks @dan for the pre update to the update!


Sorry but is anyone else a bit excited to see all the naysayers eat crow very soon?? lol

Such good news…


My first also, I may not have without the refund guarantee.
The year waiting has the anticipation cranked.


Crossing my fingers. I have a lot of people doubting that it’ll come out… I am looking forward to blowing them away with it. :slight_smile:


Shoot…my folks don’t understand it at all…but they’ve always thought I was a little bit nuts, so they haven’t given me too rough a time over it.


So, the next questions are 1 - when will we have access to the online Glowforge tool set, and 2 - the online catalog?


Wait, wait, wait… This makes it seem like these things are actually going to happen. I’m so used to sitting in front of my screen and DREAMING about the possibility for the last year—HOLY COW!


I’ve got to start making room for this thing. I gotta actually read the forum posts I’ve been skipping for the last year so I know what materials are gonna disintegrate my lungs or burn my house down and which ones I’ll actually be able to use. I’ve gotta figure out a plan of attack for the 700+ projects I’ve just been stockpiling on Pinterest and Evernote (that’s actually not an exaggeration. I’ve literally been saving everything in the off chance it sparks an idea or solution in the future). I gotta load up on all kinds of other stuff, like sandpaper, glue, LED Lights, hinges, paint supplies, wood stains—I don’t even know what all!



Humor is so powerful.
You are just nuts enough to make it through a life on Earth, emerge with a smile for the reaper - and put him in his place! :sunglasses:

Me? Crazy enough to snicker at myself as I’m crawling from the wreckage.


Yup - I’m the one down near Vasona Lake. Milpitas isn’t literally on my way home, but it’s a stone’s throw from the office, and could make a nice detour if it were actually feasible to pick up my unit right from the factory, rather than have to risk it in shipping :slight_smile:


As discussed before, prerelease are quasi beta. They go to beta volunteer but don’t get returned if all goes well.


hahaha quasi beta… so like a Gamma?


Heck yeah!


Thanks for the update Dan!! I’m sure I speak for a lot of people — we are excited!


In my usual overly exuberant manner… OK. Thanks for the info.


From the website: “…specializing in Six Sigma and lean manufacturing principles…”

In case anybody else was curious and didn’t know, like me:


Definitely! It will manifest as a warm and satisfied part of my heart!


From their website:

And in today’s competitive climate, we provide a secure work environment with dedicated stealth manufacturing facilities to help protect our customers’ intellectual property. With advanced security and restricted access, these facilities keep proprietary products and processes safe throughout the entire manufacturing process.

You’ll need this: