That's going to leave a mark



Sure enough, burn slow and steady on titanium and it marks up nicely. I wanted to customize one of my knives that has a titanium handle so I made up a little design to decorate it and gave it a shot. Pretty happy with it.

It definitely has possibilities for some nice individualized gifts in the future.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 18th, 2017

Thanks for the gf to test what was time for that?


Real nice! Not sure if you can answer… was that directly on the handle or using a marking compound?


Oh man…that is sharp!


I’m gonna guess that was without any marking compound, but @macphee is beta user who can’t answer questions about the cool stuff they post.


I do believe I remember a discussion where titanium could be etched all by itself. Or am I making things up? I often make things up.


No, you are remembering correctly.
@Hirudin did a bunch of tests some time back, with mostly promising results… and also a significant, scary learning experience when he attempted cutting Ti foil using many multiple high-power passes.


Looks really nice, I agree! I’ll ask you my questions when our NDA has lifted in the future :wink:


Here’s that thread, for anyone who wants to take a looky-loo…