That's no moon! Or, is it?


I have an interesting artifact in the lid camera view.

Not sure if it has been there all along, or if it just recently made an appearance as I didn’t even notice it (my daughter did).

In case no one else notices it, or just wants to make me feel better… There is a ring around the outside of the image.

Need for concern?


This has been noted before, although I can’t find the reference post quickly. It is supposed that it is due to the algorithm that ‘flattens’ the wide-angle lens image.


I’ve seen it on mine, too.


I was told by support a few days ago that it is “due to a problem with our software - improvements are coming.”


Found the reference post:


Well, that is one of the best illustrations for a problem I’ve ever seen. Easily referencing rings and moons and other such circular stuff. Not that I really want to keep that image in mind.


Thanks for posting this. Like @johnwills and @AhnoldZ have mentioned, we are working hard to fix the arcs.