The 2020 PUMPKIN with Mask Signage

Doctor wanted a larger PSA mask usage sign for the front.
Will do something about that, but for now I gave him a way to focus on the sign in the foyer.


Covid spikes available over on free designs.

Got a place now for some of those mini-plague masks I have seen about.


Podracer wallpaper!

Oh, and I like the final design!!! :slight_smile: i was hoping for closure on the final project. :slight_smile: the apple gave me a glimpse.


Brilliant! My local grocery store just got in a stock of small pumpkins; “pie size”. I think I’ll get one and decorate it like this. I’ll make the spikes out of acrylic and give them to a doctor friend of mine after Halloween.


Did you just drive the covid spikes in? or did you do a little “pre-hammer holes/slices” before you put them in?

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I had to start the hole with the apple test, but they pushed into the Pumpkin with minor effort. Once the skin broke, they just need a little grunt.

I was tempted to seal them, but it is just a prank pumpkin, after all.
Waiting now to see how long before they rot a bit and fall off.

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i ended up using a white pumpkin, and the skin was pretty soft. i was able to pierce it with a thumbnail, so i just tapped it in.

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