2020 Pumpkin (covid edition)

Wife still works part time in a Doctor’s Office and mentioned there are still some who resist masks. I can understand the mindset, but in a doctor’s office?
She wanted me to make her a bigger sign. I suggested we make a little spokesperson to get people to focus on the signage.

Both of these are 3 inches high with the goal of piercing an inch or so into the pumpkin (seems stable in the apple sample).
Once we find a nice sized pumpkin larger than a softball and smaller than a soccer ball, I will stick a dozen or two of these into it.
I experimented with some orange on blue acrylic I had, but was underwhelmed.
The MDF came out better so I painted up some MDF and will get hopping soon as it dries.
They are symmetrical, which means after you have engraved the crown, you can flip them over, ignore the cut and engrave the other side for maximum effect.

OPTION: If the draft engrave time seems excessive to you, ignore it and just do the cut, then paint the crown as you see fit.

For now, I will pass this on to anyone who wants to make them or sees an improvement. Wife was iffy, saying it may be too soon, but I convinced her it is the right time and it also sends the mandatory Mask For Service message with a slight grin to remove the edge.

Have fun. Spot some pictures here if you find the perfect size pumpkin for these or modify them in some epic manner.

If you have a thickness problem with material used and cannot make the changes necessary, just ask here with the thickness you need and I will do what I can.

Included in the Covid Pumpkin ZIP are:
Covid Px12 (for 0.12 MDF)
Covid Px06 (for thin 0.060 acrylic)
Covid Pumpkin.zip (111.7 KB)

sample single

EDIT: Deeper Crown, as per local critics.
New-CPx12.zip (3.2 KB)



With a sign that says “Covid19 doesn’t care about your holidays”?



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coronavirus pumpkin, brilliant.


Cute! Be sure to update us with a photo of the pumpkin when you do it.


I got 18 of the stakes from a 12x10 sheet of MDF, and seemed to be enough for this smallish pumpkin.
Wife seems to think I stink at making faces for pumpkins, so the jury is out on if they will show the mask or turn the mask to the wall under the mask sign.
Anyway, have some fun.

Here are the final SVG and pictures of the Covid Edition Pumpkin.
The ZIP includes the deeper crown single.
Plus a string of 6 in a row. (18 covid spikes from a 10x12 MDF sheet).
CoronaPumpkin.zip (6.6 KB)

10x12-for-18 CovidMask CovidRaw


what i like about this even more is that (intended or not) there’s a little bit of double meaning there. those spikes also look like cloves, which are part of pumpkin pie spice.


Got me on that one. All I know about pumpkin spice is that people want to put it in everything this time of the year.

Wonderful! I think your pumpkin face is just fine too.

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