The boys say hello from snowy Boston

Because we are all digging ourselves out here in the Boston area, after a foot of snow this morning, and it’s Monday morning, figured folks could use some cold-weather cheer. Rocky and Butterscotch say hello! This weekend they ended up walking about 12mi worth of trails in (for them) deep snow. On the hikes we encountered 3 deer and dogs making it a much more exciting adventure. Unfortunately on a very icy hill butterscotch fell, slid down and took me out (nothing like slamming down on the ice), which left me all stiff for clearing snow this morning. BTW: To tie this back to the Glowforge, both have Glowforged anodized tags.

Just after snapping this photo, Butterscotch moved (and since his leash wraps around Rocky pulled rocky off the wall, landing upside down in the snow to much hilarity.


Awwww, they are so cute in their little jackets. And they seem pretty considerate in mostly keeping to the path—I didn’t know goats were good that way.


They do seem to get the idea of “a path”, since goats make their own paths that sort of makes sense (I mean they have the common sense of a 2 year old in general but this they do get). In the deeper snow they basically hopped in my footsteps as with my Sorels on I make a pretty good trail breaker. Otherwise the snow is up to their chests, they looked much more tired that usual when we finished our usual 4mi route.


This is easily the best off-topic thread I’ve seen in a while. Awesome :wink:


They certainly use all the leash slack given to them. My guess is Butterscotch is the Alpha there.


Here’s my little one watching me shovel this morning. For those that don’t speak toddler, she is saying “Rain, Rain, come and shovel.”


wait…how"d she get so big!


This was so much fun to read about and watch. They are adorable. Can’t wait to see you speeding over the arctic tundra with a bunch of these little guys pulling your dog-goat sled.


Love seeing and hearing her. I think I’ve retained enough knowledge of toddler-speak to make me love hearing one sing-speak again like that. My oldest daughter used to sing everything…we used to call them 'operetta’s.


I love threads with little kids. (Of all kinds!) :smile:

And I think I have a new favorite phrase…“Okay, twas a random goat event”.


Yeah, that’s what time is doing to us, I remember when she was born… Last week…?


No Rocky is totally the herd leader here (kind of a bully to his little brother actually)


That’s pretty much the setup to a horror film. The basic problem is that goats are kind of morons. They are enthusiastically moronic, which makes it a bit more of a problem. The only reason there are goats in the world is that they are basically indestructible; the lack of basic common sense is staggering. It would be pretty much like letting your 2-year-old use your chainsaw… Which is why they get along so well with my friends’ toddlers (same mind set)


Pooping, eating and bashing into things…


They are just too cute!

And they know it, and use it to mooch treats off visitors. I need to laser a sign that says “Don’t believe us (we lie), we ate within the last 5 minutes


Earlier in the week we took down the giant goat donut in the sky on the barn:

And then I shoved it into their hut. It took the two of them a week to finish it:

(I love that Butterscotch often looks like he is photobombing his own pictures)


This phrase is amazing!


And of course we have little patriots uniforms for them (we have the GOAT goat!). Because nothing is cuter than goats in pants. Since Tom Brady lives a few miles from the barn, I sent an email to the Krafts (the Krafts’ grandkids go to my kids school, and one of them was my summer intern at the hospital) to see if we could get a photo with Tom in uniform with the boys in uniform… Haven’t heard back…


While I’m sure it’s true …THIS is hilarious. What a great description of a goat. And a purely scientific one at that, I’m sure. :grin:

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