The Camera didn’t take a picture

Hello, my glowforge is about 8-9 months old and I’m all of a sudden getting the camera didn’t take a picture notification. We have always kept our laser in tip top condition as best we can given the lack of accessibility you designed this thing with. All off my connecting are securely closed in place as they should be and always have been. We have 1000’s of products made with this laser and it is NOT a user error. This is a hardware issue I’m supposing the cables as everyone else has had this issue it seems, I would like a replacement black cable and the camera cable as I’m pretty sure this is the issue as when you press on the main cable the leds flicker slightly showing signs of a faulty circuit. For my laser to be down is completely devastating to my business as I have orders to fill and people waiting and money in now limbo because of your faulty products and poor design. Y’all seem to care more about advertising this thing than you do about putting out a realiable product. For the 5000$ dollars I spent I am very unpleased and upset at this point and really regretting my purchase decision. This is completely uncalled for for how much this damn thing cost. Thanks for screwing up my business. I appreciate it. I have sent emails and made phone calls and have not heard one thing back in almost a day now. :rage:
Maybe I’ll have luck here because the rest of the company don’t clearly care.


I am having the same exact issue and mine is 8 months old! I have been making stuff all day but when I go to clean it and turn it off it then has the camera problem when I turn it back on. Really confused at this point because I have checked everything it may have been I have tried to contact support and I have not heard anything back. I am loosing alot of money with it just sitting there broke. I am also regretting purchasing this machine. I should have went with a Mira!

It is upsetting to have a machine not working. I also got the Camera didn’t take a picture" message today but after following the troubleshooting steps I was back printing in a little bit. My machine is several years old.

There are items that wear out. I have a spare black cable, spare lens, spare mirror, spare wheels etc. in case something breaks because machines have failure points. I suggest you order some spare parts as well. They are available to order.

If you have made 1000’s of products with your Glowforge I think it is serving you well and you would be well served to have a back up plan for your business. Go through the troubleshooting steps Glowforge suggests while waiting for support to get back to you.


Where did you get the spare wheels? Are they available to order?

I have found some on etsy

I sent an email to Glowforge. They responded quickly with an invoice. I paid. They shipped.


Okay, thanks.

We Have gone thru the steps dozens of times. It’s 100% a hardware issue. I have a fully set up omtech 100w aswell that is used just as much. The glowforge is just as important in keeping up with our orders. Your high and mighty know it all response is not necessary or wanted. For 5000 damn dollars one shouldn’t need back up parts in the under first damn year of owning it. I recon I’ll throw more money at them to get somewhere.

I did not intend to be high and mighty. Sorry you took it that way.

I apologize as well, I’m very stressed out on top of already being stressed out from trying to get everything done before the laser even went down so this is really a stab on my mental state more than anything the most. I do apologize tho. Don’t mind me I’m just completely having a mental breakdown at the moment

We’re Still yet to hear a word from glowforge on my issues. I ordered the black cable myself but the lens or the camera cable are not listed in the shop. Soon as someone comes out of hiding to help me. Great warranty system that takes almost 24 hours to yet reply now… ugh

We STILL haven’t had any contact from Glowforge…. WTF! This is insane.

Hi @raptorman386. I received your voicemails and just sent a response to your email to help confirm information to get this resolved. I’ll keep this Community thread open to confirm that my email has been received, and I’ll look forward to hearing back. Thank you!

Hi @raptorman386. I just received and replied to your email response, so I’ll go ahead and close this thread to consolidate everything to your email thread. I’ll look forward to any next response through there. Thank you!